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Coach Levi Takes on The Taco Cleanse Diet (Definitely The Best Cleanse Around!)

We are well into the new year (and summer swimsuit season is fast approaching). Are you totally sick of your diet yet? Sick of your juice cleanse? Well then, I have the answer! It’s called The Taco Cleanse. This succeeds where other cleanses fail. A little known

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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to the HCG Diet

If you thought the Paleo diet was restricting, the Dukan diet too complicated, Jenny Craig too expensive, and the Get Shredded Diet was insane, well, prepare to have your mind blown. We’re talking about the HCG diet, where you eat a scant 500 calories per day, only

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Tested: Natrol AcaiBerry Diet Pills

I’m skeptical of all diet pills. And I’m really skeptical of anything that so much as mentions acai berry or raspberry ketones. So when I first heard of Natrol AcaiBerry Diet, you better believe I had a good chuckle! Then, just before writing them off permanently, I

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Tested: The Ultimate Meal

Are you looking for a healthy meal replacement powder for help with your diet or just the convenience factor? Then read my review of The Ultimate Meal and see if it is right for you…

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Book Review: The Primal Blueprint

If you’ve been paying attention to any diet news recently, you have probably heard stuff about the Paleo diet and all sorts of ideas that fly in the face of the standard endurance athlete’s diet. I liked the idea of The Primal Blueprint book by Mark Sisson, so I read that one…

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Endurance Eating: Why You Should Splurge Once Per Week

You know the general rule about doing one long ride (3-6 hours) per week to maintain endurance? Well, what about an endurance eating day where you eat tons of food? Here’s the idea…

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Ask Levi: Is It Normal To Be Starving After a Ride?

A guide to what and when to eat before and during a bike race so that you can finish strong and not be starving. Then you can perform better in your next ride. Here’s how…

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Ask Levi: Could Diet Drinks Be Causing My Bladder Infections?

Here we discuss the side effects of diet drinks and aspartame and a possible link to bladder infections, while deciding on a healthy diet…

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Ask Levi: What Kind of Diet Would I Need if I Want 6 Pack Abs?

I think just about everyone wants six pack abs. Here is my answer to a question about the right diet for achieving low body fat and the resulting six pack abs…

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Tested: Beverly International Lean Out Fat Transport System

In a desperate attempt to slim down for a big bike race in July (and get six pack abs in the process,) I was actually willing to buy and use diet pills. Normally I wouldn’t give diet pills a second glance, but this was different… this was an all-natural fat loss pill designed for bodybuilders who need to lose that extra bit of fat to look their best for competition… and who knows, it might be perfect for cyclists…

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