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How to Strengthen and Sharpen Your Abs With Simple Breathing Exercises

Wouldn’t it be spectacular if there was an easy exercise that actually produced results? There actually is! In this article I’ll present not one but three super simple exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere, and they’ll actually strengthen your abs! No, they won’t give you a

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Tested: Visual Impact Muscle Building Course

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have some extra muscle on your body? Not a lot, but enough to look like a real athlete instead of a scrawny cyclist? If your goal is to win the Tour de France, probably not. But if you’re just riding and racing for fun, you may have thought about packing on some muscle. I know I have…

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Ask Levi: What Kind of Diet Would I Need if I Want 6 Pack Abs?

I think just about everyone wants six pack abs. Here is my answer to a question about the right diet for achieving low body fat and the resulting six pack abs…

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Tested: Turbulence Training for Abs

If you are a fan of high-intensity interval training in place of slow, boring cardio workouts, Turbulence Training is the perfect match for you (and me.) I still do plenty of long bike rides to build my endurance, but when it comes to getting in shape, high-intensity training like this is the name of the game.

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