Don’t we all strive for six pack abs?

What kind of diet would i need if i want 6 pack abs?
NOTE: i’m 15 years old

Flabby Freddy

Judging by your question Freddy, I’d say you’re much closer to having a six pack than the average person. Typically I hear, “what exercise will give me a six pack?” Unfortunately the answer is “none of them.”

That’s because “muscles are made in the gym, abs are made in the kitchen.” I’m not sure who said that first, but it’s mostly true. You still need to exercise to burn off fat, but if there is a remaining layer of fat on your belly because you eat too much, you’ll never see your abs.

You can build super strong abs, but that means virtually nothing if the goal is to see your ripped abs. That exercise/diet disconnect really shouldn’t surprise anyone though. Haven’t we all seen the skinny guys with ripped abs that never go to the gym and always eat junk food? They’re just built to be naturally skinny.

The bad news for them is that they could be extremely unhealthy (lacking in nutrients, high cholesterol, etc.) but not really see it. For someone like me (and possibly you,) we have to eat very healthy and exercise a lot to see any definition in our abs. So when we have nice abs, there’s a good chance we’re in very good health!

Anyway, let’s move on to the question about your diet. There’s no exact, “one size fits all” diet for getting six pack abs, but there are some guidelines to follow. (They’re essentially the same guidelines for anyone that wants to reduce body fat, because that’s what you have to do here.)

To start out, cut out junk food and empty calories. If you eat or drink anything like soda, milkshakes, cake, ice cream, cookies, snack crackers, potato chips, white bread, sugary cereal, etc., you need to totally remove it from your diet. Really any processed foods – cut them out of your diet!

I do like to indulge in the occasional doughnut, but if you want six pack abs, you have to make sacrifices! (I didn’t say this would be fun or easy!)

At the same time, ramp up your fruit and vegetable intake. Forget the food pyramid – those recommendations are outdated and meant for average, sedentary people. If you want to be healthy and muscular, I recommend 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day!

To round out your diet, stick with natural, whole foods. This could be steel cut oats, eggs, 100% whole wheat pita bread, wild salmon, venison, nuts, legumes, etc. Just make sure you are eating as natural as possible.

But of course, you have to limit your caloric intake. The exact amount will depend on your specific needs, such as your body type, body weight, exercise volume, and workout intensity, so I can’t be any more specific.

Just make sure you eat a variety of foods so you get a well-balanced diet with plenty of carbs, fat, and protein. Good news: If you’re eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods like I mentioned above, you should be able to eat quite a bit of food without consuming too many calories.

Once you get all this straightened out, the next step is to dive into the more detailed stuff like thermogenic foods, intermittent fasting, and drying out. You still need to get the basics down first, but this is interesting stuff to explore and add in to your routine.

To summarize, you need to work hard and make sacrifices. But that is why most people don’t have six pack abs!

Change your habits. Change your body.

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  1. I am 55 years old and experiencing difficulty losing weight. I exercise approx. 5 hrs. per week for the past year. Initially I was focusing on cardio(4-5 hrs. at 60%-80%) with 90 min. strength training per week. Starting this year I changed my routine, increasing strength training, probably 60% strength 2-3 times per week and 40% cardio. I use a polar heart moniter while training. My weight is 193 lbs. and I am 5′ 8″. I need to lose weight, particularly in the midsection and have not had success. Suggestions?

  2. @Bob

    How’s your diet? That’s going to be the key factor you need to work on. Track your calories with a food journal or website like to make sure you’re creating a caloric deficit. Then move on to nutrient timing, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, etc. Then wait…

  3. I used to weight 217lbs, now I’m 199lbs. I don’t eat pork or fried foods or foods high in sodium and eat or drink very little high fructose corn syrup, no cola pops or fast food burger spots, I don’t smoke. I bike ride and working on 60- 90 sit ups every morning 20 then 10 or 15 then another 10 or 15. I don’t yet do all them at one time, I love to get rid of the fat om my hips and belly and get a lean inshape body(six pack abs)

  4. I know this is a weird question. Is there any type of alcohol you can buy that is better to consume than another? What can I say, we like to go out. I tend to struggle with the drink or not to drink question often on Fridays and Saturdays.

  5. Im 14 i weight 140 u thnik i still need a diet ?

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