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moji 360 massager

As an endurance athlete, your body is probably tight, sore, and unbalanced. Mine sure is.

Post-workout stretching helps. And daily foam rolling sessions make me feel fresh and recovered. But neither of those solutions has much affect on existing problems, such as tight hips and IT bands, two problems that plague so many runners and cyclists. (Believe me, I’ve been trying for years, but you don’t just erase the damage accumulated over two decades of cycling!)

I haven’t found any miracle cures, but I did find something that’s pretty darn cool and blows away just about every other self-massage tool on the market!

It’s called the Moji 360 Massage Kit and includes the full-size 360 Massager and 360 Mini Massager.

The “360” moniker comes from the design of the tools. Instead of being one piece, each tool consists of many omni-directional stainless steel spheres arranged on the handle. This makes it easy to switch direction on a whim, and unlike a foam roller, you can even go in circles!

That’s really going to help you dig down deep between your muscles and into your connective tissue, so you can break up any scar tissue or adhesions that are limiting your mobility (and therefore limiting your power transfer and fluidity.)

Keep reading to see how it actually worked…

The Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon first holding the 360 in my hands, it was definitely a little smaller and lighter than I expected. I’d even say it felt flimsy! It was no worse than The Stick or other similar tools, but the 360 looked so solid in the pictures, I was disappointed in the plastic handle.

And even though the metal balls spin fine, they lack the feel of a nice smooth sealed bearing. They’re a little too loose. (Imagine a good quality hub compared to a cheap one with unsealed bearings.)

Basically, I set super high expectations for build quality. The 360 is no cheap knick-knack from a department store, so I wasn’t expecting such a lightweight handle, and I certainly wasn’t expecting it to rattle! (It wasn’t just me; Max was not a fan either – the 360 makes too much noise for him!)

I love the design, though.

moji 360 mini leg massage

Fortunately, while the 360 didn’t quite meet my expectations, the 360 Mini blew me away! It’s made of a different material which is both tough and flexible, so it has that high quality feel I was looking for.

Let’s see how we’re supposed to use them…

How to Use The Moji 360 Massagers

Using these things is about as easy as it gets! They have simple instructions on the handle that tell you to move the massager up and down, side to side, and in circles. There’s not a whole lot to it.

You just kind of start using it and see what works. In most situations, you’d start out going along the muscle longitudinally (up and down) then go laterally (side to side) if you feel your muscles are stuck tight against each other. If you hit any trouble spots, go in circles in that particular spot to dig down deeper.

If you’re using the full-size massager, you can slide it around to change the orientation so that either the small or large balls are hitting the trouble spot, depending on the size of the muscle group.

Now let’s put them to use…

My Initial Testing

It had been way too long since my last deep tissue massage, so I couldn’t wait to dig right in!

I was met with disappointment again, though. Using the 360 was odd and unfulfilling at first. It was weird because I’d press down really hard, and the steel balls would dig in like I wanted, but the plastic edges surrounding them would scrape along my skin. Kind of annoying!

But it got better. Once I got the hang of it, none of that mattered! It was almost like an epiphany moment when my brain realized the “360” name was no lie. You can do up/down, left/right, and in circles with ease. And you can feel the different size balls. It was awesome!

You can’t even compare it to any type of foam roller or The Stick, since those tools only roll along your muscles like a rolling pin. That is nowhere near as effective as digging into specific locations, which can be accomplished with the Moji 360!

On top of that, it was much, much easier than digging my thumbs and elbows into my leg muscles.

It’s not great when working with hairy legs, but hey, that’s your fault for not shaving your legs!

moji 360 hamstring massage

Why I Am Loving The Moji 360 Massager

As I write this review, I’ve been using the massagers for about three months now. My initial criticisms have been all but forgotten, and I can’t get enough of them!

What’s most important is that I can put lots of pressure on the massager. Deep, intense massage is what my legs need, and the 360 delivers. I can put all my weight behind the 360 Mini and it still functions as intended.

At the same time, you can also use it gently, and you should feel effects of increased blood flow, and feel lighter and fresher, like you’re moving around better. This makes for a nice warm-up routine.

To make things even better, the individual balls allow me to hone in on specific trouble spots. This is so much more useful than rolling over an entire muscle. It’s also less painful!

One of my clients (Lauren) has a total love/hate relationship with the foam roller, yet she absolutely loved the Moji during and after use! She said, “this should be a year-long product test!”

I noticed I could use it for hours and my hands felt like they did nothing (a good thing!)

The enjoyment doesn’t stop at home – both of these tools are easily transported in a car or large gym bag. The Mini easily fits in your backpack or even a purse.

If you happen to leave the massagers in your car, watch out – the balls get very very warm! This can provide a soothing massage, though! (Unless you’re already suffering from heat exhaustion…)

The handles are always the same temperature, but the balls can get very warm – or very cold. (Good or bad, depending on how you want the massage to feel.)

moji 360 mini hand strap

Head to Head: Moji 360 Massager vs Moji 360 Mini Massager

Time for the big debate – which one is better?

You’ve got the full-size Moji 360, good for your back, glutes, quads, hams, and calves.

Then there’s the Mini, good for your quads, calves, glutes, hams, shins, arms, hands, feet, and neck.

Yeah, the Mini really steals the show! I enjoy it much more than the regular one – it just doesn’t allow me to do my own back very efficiently.

I also noticed a couple issues with the full-size Moji 360:

The plastic scrapes your skin if you press too hard. The metal balls roll fine, but the plastic edges where the balls are held into the handle will scrape along your skin. It’s not painful, but definitely annoying. Lauren had the same complaint, so it wasn’t just me being a masochist to my legs!

It’s cumbersome. In some cases, it’s just too big. It really only works well right on the tops of your quads or hamstrings. Otherwise, the handle part hits your other leg. Lots of maneuvering and leg twisting is required for a smooth massage.

The Mini was perfect though. It can go nearly anywhere. It’s great for all leg muscles of any size and location! It works great on your back and shoulders, too, if you have someone to lend a hand! While you don’t cover a lot of area per stroke, that’s actually a good thing, because a “back massage” is really split up into many smaller sections anyway.

Finally, you have to consider the price – $30 for the Mini vs $50 for the full-size.

As Lauren says, the big one would be great… if the Mini didn’t exist. But the Mini does exist, and it seems like the best choice if you buy one.

moji 360 calf massage

My final verdict is…

The whole kit is good, but I love the Mini! It got great feedback from everyone (including my chiropractor), and it’s well worth the $30.

I recommend every single endurance athlete get at least the Moji 360 Mini, if not the whole kit. Skimp on fancy bike parts if necessary, but fit this in your budget!

Official website: www.GoMoji.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. What if your hands too big to fit in that strap?

  2. @Bob

    I don’t think hand size is going to be an issue. Unless your hand is super tiny or totally gigantic.

    Since the hand strap doesn’t adjust, you simply vary the number of fingers you put in there. For example, you can see in the pic that Lauren put all four fingers under the strap, whereas I do three (and my pinky just rests outside the strap.)

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