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Nutrition is super important for competitive athletes. You can slack off on your training and expect your performance to diminish. But just one little nutrition mistake can be devastating to your performance. Instantly.

How do you stay out of trouble? Become your own nutrition coach.

The Self-Coached Athlete

If you are a “self-coached” athlete, traditionally that means you create your own training plan.

What about your nutrition plan? Is that thoroughly planned and documented?

It should be.

Don’t just follow some generic meal plan and think that’s going to get results.

Discover how to be a nutrition coach, and then you can become your own nutrition coach (like a lot of top athletes are doing!)

Why Become a Nutrition Coach?

Let me tell you the best kept secret in nutrition:

It doesn’t matter how much you read about proper nutrition. What matters is that you take action.

Okay – that might not seem like a secret. So how do I know that it is?

Because of the countless new diet books that get published and become best-sellers!

If people were actually taking action and getting fit, losing weight, and going on a good diet… there would be a sharp dropoff in these book sales. But that’s not happening.

So I have to assume that most people are reading and learning, but not taking action.

It’s not that they don’t want to. Because they certainly do want to. They might even be motivated.

They just don’t know how to put their knowledge into action.

And that’s where a nutrition coach would come in. He or she would help you take action and make progress toward your goals.

Invest in yourself.

Much like learning basic bike maintenance, sometimes it really pays to invest in yourself. You’ll save money in the long run.

That’s what I did. As soon as I found the Precision Nutrition books, I ordered them. My self-created meal plans improved significantly.

But I still struggled with consistency. And I’d beat myself up about caving into junk food cravings.

More recently, I earned the Precision Nutrition certification. It’s essentially a graduate-level nutrition coaching course. And that’s when I learned how to coach nutrition.

I went from knowing nutrition, to being able to put that into action in real life, regardless of the scenario. I would make improvements and make them stick for the long term. It’s very powerful stuff.

More and more athletes are studying behavior change and change psychology.

It turns out I wasn’t alone. Amateur athletes are taking these courses and earning the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification to improve their own athletic performance (not to mention health and well-being).

Now that I’m a cycling coach, sure, it’s great to have extra credentials. But when I first earned the certification, I did it to improve myself.

What really drove me to earn my PN1 certification was professional and personal development. I did it for the sake of getting better.

And that course was well worth it. It covers everything you need, and it’s far more affordable than taking college courses in both food science and behavioral psychology.

Ready to enroll?

Make sure you read about why I did it and see if that’s going to be worth it for you.

If you think it might be right for you, check out this massive Q&A: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/precision-nutrition-level-1-certification-faq

That should answer all of your questions.

FREE 5-Day Nutrition Coaching Course

I highly recommend enrolling in this totally FREE 5-part video series from Dr. John Berardi, one of the sharpest minds in sports nutrition and fat loss. You'll discover how to create a nutrition plan and follow through on it!

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