Many athletes downplay the role of nutrition in their performance. These athletes tend to train hard but still wonder what’s holding them back.

That’s easy – it’s their diet.

If you want to lose weight and drop fat, or just look better naked, changing your diet and nutrition habits is the way to go.

For this I recommend a nutrition coaching program called Lean Eating. It’s run by the good folks at Precision Nutrition.

This program only opens twice each year. The next opening is January 19th, 2022 – to get in, you need to get on the pre-sale list today.


You may also want advice on a nutrition and hydration strategy for your races. If you want to perform your best, proper nutrition is equally as important as your training. This is included in my Meal Plans service – just make sure you include your training/racing details on the sign-up form.


You can join the wait list in the mean time!

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