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How Tuning In to HGTV Can Turn You Into a Better, Faster Cyclist

Have you ever been forced to sit in front of the TV and watch what seems like the same show, over and over again, on HGTV? It’s actually not a bad thing. You can learn a thing or two from the people and hosts. Yes, even though

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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Sweet Spot Training (SST)

Sweet Spot Training, or “SST” for short, is one of the newer methodologies used for structuring training for endurance sports. It breaks away from the most traditional method – periodization. It might sound complicated when you first read about it, but in practice, it’s relatively simple and

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Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises (That You’ve Probably Never Seen)

It doesn’t matter what sport you’re in or what your athletic goals are – you can’t tell me you’re not interested in ab exercises! I get questions about the best ab exercises all the time, and that’s because most people only perform crunches and sit-ups (two very

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How to Strengthen and Sharpen Your Abs With Simple Breathing Exercises

Wouldn’t it be spectacular if there was an easy exercise that actually produced results? There actually is! In this article I’ll present not one, not two, but three super simple exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere, and they’ll actually strengthen your abs! No, they won’t give

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Why The Bosu Ball Gets a Bad Rap (Despite Being Quite Useful)

Never seen a Bosu ball? Imagine taking a Swiss ball, cutting it in half, and mounting a platform on the cut side. It’s an interesting device, sort of like a wobble board. But is it useful?

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How to Determine Your Sweat Rate – and Why It Matters

Here’s the basic formula to determine your sweat rate, so you know how much fluid you need to consume to stay hydrated.

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How to Tell if You Have a Good Spinning Instructor (Does Yours Have These 9 Traits?)

It’s hard to believe how popular indoor cycling has become. Years ago, I thought the Spinning classes only attracted hardcore cyclists who needed some tough, motivational workouts when they finished up in the weight room. As it turns out, tons of people are taking up indoor cycling

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Ask Levi: How Can I Exercise At College Without My Bike?

It can be tough to transport your bike to college and to find suitable storage space once you’re there. Here’s how to improve your cycling fitness, even without your bike. Hey I saw you rode bikes a lot in college. However, as a freshman I did not

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Ask Levi: Should I Wear a Weight Vest to Make Bike Riding Workouts Harder?

Weight vests are a common sight at many gyms, especially Crossfit gyms, and even on the track, stairs, and grassy hills. The idea to wear a weight vest while cycling, though, has not crossed my mind until now… So Coach, my usual routine during the week is

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An Introduction to Power Meter Training for Cyclists (If You’re Still Using Heart Rate Zones, This Will Blow Your Mind!)

If you’ve ever trained with a heart rate monitor, or even just going by perceived exertion, you’re familiar with training at different intensity levels. And you’re probably familiar with how unreliable those metrics can be for both dictating future training and analyzing past performances. But there’s a

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Heart Rate Monitors, Heart Rate Zones, and Everything Else You Need to Know About Heart Rate Training

Heart rate training was all the rage in the 80s and 90s. Power training is becoming more popular now, at least for cyclists, but heart rate monitors are still way cheaper than power meters (and monitoring your heart rate will always have its place). A heart rate

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5 Things You Must Do This Winter If You Want To Ride Strong In The Spring

While it may seem that the upcoming road racing season is light years away, it’s sure to arrive faster than you expected. If you don’t start preparing now, your first race will be here before you even dust off the indoor trainer! And you won’t be ready

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Ask Levi: Why Doesn’t My Hard Training Pay Off on Race Day?

Today’s question is from a rider who has been training hard for years, but the training doesn’t seem to be paying off on race day (when it counts…) Hi Levi, I have been cycling good for few years now and have always been training real hard for

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Ask Levi: How Can A Wimpy Cyclist Get Strong?

Today, we have a cyclist and cross-country skier who wants to get stronger to excel in both sports, but doesn’t quite know where to start… Coach Levi, I am both a cross country skier in the winter and a cyclist in the summer. Being a cross country

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How to Keep Up With Younger Athletes on Long Rides

Today’s question is about how to keep up with the fast pace when riding with younger people, as you get older… Hi Coach, I’m a MTB enthusiast. One item I haven’t found much info on and is of particular interest to me concerns keeping pace with younger

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