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How to Ride Through Any Rock Garden Like a Pro

If you plan to ride on the East Coast, you have to know how to ride through a rock garden. I’ve only been to one location on the entire East Coast that’s devoid of rock gardens. Some places feel like they’re nothing but rock gardens! That’s not

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How to Navigate a Stream or Water Crossing

Whether you’ll be mixing it up in XC races, or just exploring the vast backcountry trails, you have to know how to ride a stream crossing. If you’re racing, you need to be able to stay on your bike and ride through smoothly, or you’ll waste precious

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The Attack Position

The “attack position.” This is the most important concept in mountain biking. It forms the basis of all the complex maneuvers and techniques that you’ll use to conquer technical trails. Navigating tricky rock gardens, crossing streams and mud puddles, negotiating steep downhills, and hopping logs all begin

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How to Ride Through Mud and Sand Like a Pro

If you ever do a mountain bike or cyclo-cross race, you’re going to encounter mud. Or sand. Or both. And you’re going to love it! Why? For one, it makes you feel like a kid again! But it’s also because, after you read this article, you’ll use

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Ask Levi: Do I Need Dedicated Snow Tires?

Today’s question is about choosing mountain bike tires for winter riding on snow and ice… Hey Coach, I was reading on your website about riding and you mentioned something about riding in the winter and in the snow. Are there any type of “snow” tires that you

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Ask Levi: How Do I Correctly Use My Brake Levers on Singletrack?

Today’s question is about braking technique when mountain biking… Hey Levi, I was wondering what the correct fingering is on a brifter while doing singletrack. I know this is a dumb question but I found myself trying to hold onto the brake and the grips with differing

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MTB Skills: How to Hop Over a Log

An important skill for mountain bikers, especially XC and CX racers, is being able to hop over a log. At least here on the East Coast, race courses without logs are few and far between. So check out these tips and video and you’ll be able to

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MTB Skills: How to Climb a Steep Hill

As if climbing a hill isn’t hard enough on its own, the hills you encounter on mountain bike trails can be extremely steep – much steeper than you’d encounter on a paved road. Climbing them successfully requires not only great fitness but also superb technical skills. Here’s

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MTB Skills: How to Ride a Steep Downhill

Whether you’re doing casual trail riding or XC racing, you’re bound to encounter some steep descents. This guide will teach you how to ride a steep downhill safely. Starting Out – The Attack Position If you’re going to be a mountain biker, you need to become good

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Mountain Bike Sizing Explained

One very popular topic that’s always asked about online is mountain bike sizing. But here’s the funny part – you need to get off the internet and spend some quality time with some real mountain bikes to learn about sizing them! But since it is so important

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How to Shift SRAM Trigger Shifters

This article explains how to shift SRAM Trigger Shifters on your mountain bike…

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How to Shift Shimano RapidFire Trigger Shifters

Mountain bikes are typically equipped with either a grip shift or trigger shifters. The trigger shifters look more intimidating, but they are fun and easy to use once you get the hang of them. Here is how to operate Shimano RapidFire Trigger Shifters…

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Practice Crashing, Avoid Injuries

It’s important for cyclists to do certain training drills to keep their skills sharpened. One drill I recommend you do is practice crashing! Here is how to do it…

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Ask Levi: What Cogs Are Used With Which Chainring?

Today’s question is about which cogs should be used with which chainring when shifting a bicycle…

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How to Win a Huffy Toss

If you’ve ever been to some sort of mountain bike festival, you have probably witnessed the Huffy Toss. For the uninitiated, the Huffy Toss is an event where cyclists see who can toss an old Huffy the furthest. Here is how to win…

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