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Tested: Yaktrax RUN

I think variety is the spice of life, so I try to get on skis as soon as winter hits (rather than biking or running like I do all summer). But that’s not always possible. In fact, here in Pennsylvania, it’s rare! And then there are crazy

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Tested: Free Country Peak 3-in-1 Softshell Jacket

Growing up in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, with nor’easters and lake-effect snow changing the weather conditions at a moment’s notice, you could never have too many jackets. Except that, well, who wants to fill their entire closet with winter jackets? That’s why I’ve come to like

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Ask Levi: Do I Need Dedicated Snow Tires?

Today’s question is about choosing mountain bike tires for winter riding on snow and ice… Hey Coach, I was reading on your website about riding and you mentioned something about riding in the winter and in the snow. Are there any type of “snow” tires that you

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Why You Should Ride a Slow, Heavy Bike in the Winter

Winter training is generally going to be tough. You’re either going to be riding inside and bored, or you’ll be outside in the cold, harsh conditions. If you will be outside in the cold, along with your warm clothing, you’ll need a beater bike. A winter “beater”

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Coach Levi’s Next Race: The Parker Dam Polar Bear Swim!

As of yesterday afternoon, I have signed-up for my first event of 2011, The Parker Dam Polar Bear Swim! Here are the details on this polar bear plunge…

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Tested: Nashbar Polypro Ear Band

The ear band is a great accessory for any outdoor activity in cool weather. It keeps your ears nice and warm without getting you overheated. Here is a great ear band for running, hiking, and bicycling.

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Tested: Nashbar Polypro Skull Cap

Skull caps are a nice cycling accessory for all seasons, either for keeping your ears warm or keeping sweat out of your eyes. Here is a cheap skull cap to keep you warm in the winter.

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Wool for Winter: Where to Stock Up on Wool Clothing

With temperatures dropping around the country, it’s a good time to make sure you have everything you need to stay warm. And a sure-fire bet for staying warm in the winter is wool clothing. Here is where to get it…

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Home-Made, Pogie-Replacing Hand Warmers

Want to keep your hands warm and toasty but can’t find or afford proper pogies? Then break out some plastic jugs and duct tape and a little elbow grease! I found this great idea the other day over at the Bicycles and Icicles blog, which is full

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Coach Levi’s Complete Guide to Off-Season Training for Cyclists

Well the time has finally arrived! Today is the official launch of my new book, The Complete Guide to Off-Season Training for Cyclists. The concept is similar to my free report, An Introduction to Off-Season Training for Cyclists, but it goes much deeper and reveals more secrets.

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7 Things You Must Know Before Your First Ride In The Cold!

(This article was originally published on, but I’m republishing it here because the advice is still useful!) It’s inevitable. At some point in the fall you’ll do your first ride in relatively cold weather. For the past six months you’ve been enjoying warm, sunny skies with

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What Should I Eat In This Cold Weather?

An idea for what you can eat while riding your bike outside in freezing cold temperatures. It’s not your typical energy bar…

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