two girls do polar bear plunge

As of yesterday afternoon, I have signed-up for my first event of 2011: The Parker Dam Polar Bear Swim!

This involves a quick swim (maybe 2 meters) in very, very cold water. If you’re never seen a polar bear plunge type of event, it goes something like this:

  1. Park officials cut a big square of ice off the top of a frozen lake.
  2. Participants, sporting appropriate attire for a summer day at the beach, line up to jump in.
  3. One by one, participants take the plunge.
  4. Participants climb out a ladder on the other side… or are overcome by the freezing cold and pulled out to safety by the officials.
  5. A crowd of spectators watches, cheers, and probably laughs.
  6. Participants vow to never do it again, but then they forget how much it hurts, and proceed to do it again next year.

Now, this polar bear swim is certainly not a physical challenge like running a marathon, but it’s somewhat similar – both events attract people who think it’s fun to do very uncomfortable things!

I’m not completely out of my mind though. This is all for a good cause – to raise money for the local YMCA. That makes it feel like I’m doing some good this weekend, rather than simply satisfying my craving for stupidity!

I will post a video of my swim next week! (I’m sure a video of girls like I have pictured would be more enjoyable for most, but hey, I do what I can.)


Thank You for Your Donations!

And of course, thank you to everyone who went out of their way to send in a donation…

  • Bob & Pearl Iliff of Louisville, KY.
  • Marikaye DeTemple of Bigler, PA.
  • Rosella Duttry of Clearfield, PA.
  • Thomas Kuracina of California.

Thank you for your donations! Together we raised $75 for the YMCA. Your generosity combined with my stupidity, I think we make a good team!


Parker Dam Polar Bear Swim Video

Here is the video of me taking the plunge!

That was refreshing and invigorating!


Photo credit: Flickr/Wikipedia

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