Road cycling involves riding a road bike on paved streets. Road bikes typically have smooth, narrow tires for increased speed and comfort, and drop handlebars which allow for multiple hand positions on long rides (plus the ability to get low and aerodynamic.)

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Road Cycling Basic Skills

These articles cover basic biking skills, such as riding technique and how to shift gears, and also things everyone needs to know, like what chamois cream is.

Bike handling is very important. Better bike handling means less chance of crashing. And therefore, more chance of winning races! Here's how to practice your

Most riders choose to ride in a paceline to share the work and achieve a faster overall speed. But it seems some sadistic riders only

Every time I take up a new sport, I end up asking myself, "now how do I get dressed for this?" Some sports are simple.

A local racer prepares for an upcoming bend. Cornering is one of the most important skills for all cyclists. It's one that you have to

Not sure how to shift the Shimano STI integrated brake and shift levers on your road bike? No problem. It looks complicated, but once you

Beginning riders may have difficulty riding in a straight line, maintaining pace, and looking back (to check traffic, other racers, etc.) at the same time.

Sometimes your body seizes up when hunched over for hours on end, and some stretches make you feel a ton better. I don't like to

Most riders know that they should learn how to ride in a paceline before joining a group ride, but is that all? Nope. There is

While a flowing paceline looks like a lot of fun, you can't just jump in and go for it. Riding in a paceline successfully requires

Not too long ago, I wrote about how to conserve energy so you could ride in a fast group and not get dropped. But what


Bike and Gear Buying Advice

These articles cover purchasing a bike, making sure you choose the right bike, and useful parts upgrades. Whether you want the best gear or the best value for your money, you’ll find the answers you need here.

21 ounce bottles not cutting it for long endurance rides? Go bigger! Large bike water bottles can come in handy for big adventures where you

The Arundel Stainless Steel Bottle Cage is strong and durable, works well, and looks great. A fantastic choice. These days, many cyclists just buy the

It's the question on everyone's minds: "What kind of bike should I buy?" The answer is always: buy a gravel bike. Why gravel bikes are

It's getting colder. Here's how to keep your hands warm and toasty as the temperature dips. All The Best Winter Cycling Gloves, Lobster Gloves, and

Everyone is talking about base layers. But what exactly is a base layer? And when do you wear one? Find out here...

Do you ever dread group rides because you know at least one person is going to stink? Or worse - do you ever dread putting

The reason you're seeing hydration packs designed for mountain bikers is because mountain bikers are the ones wearing hydration packs. Most road cyclists simply use

Upgrading tires on your road bike makes a big performance difference for a low price. Here is why...

How to choose the best road bike saddle for you that will be comfortable based on your anatomy. Try out multiple saddles before you buy...

If you get a new road bike for around one thousand dollars, it will be a good bike, but you will probably want to upgrade

Most cyclists will start out with regular cycling shorts because they are cheaper and look normal. But eventually they will consider bib shorts. Here are

Debating over the speed of a road bike or the versatility of a cyclo-cross bike? Here are my reasons why you may or may not

Ever buy a pair of cycling shorts and the chamois does not agree with you? Here is what to do when you go shopping for

With temperatures dropping around the country, it's a good time to make sure you have everything you need to stay warm. And a sure-fire bet

As if getting a $1000 bike isn't bad enough, you then have to buy clothing and accessories! A cool jersey to keep you comfortable? Just


Road Cycling Advice About Every Possible Topic

Here is some miscellaneous advice for all road cyclists – we’re talking important debates like regular or bib shorts, important tips like how to keep clean and comfortable, and important maneuvers like getting a dropped chain back onto the chainrings without stopping.

If you drop the chain onto the bottom bracket shell or off the big ring, or maybe you get chainsuck, here is how to take

While mountain bikers face the obvious obstacles (rocks, logs, mud pits, etc.) out on the trail, there are plenty of dangers out there on the

A dropped chain poses serious problems for all cyclists. Not only is it annoying, dropping a chain can damage your frame, especially if it is

Every so often, you take your road bike out in wet, dirty conditions. And it needs cleaned. Here is how to clean, degrease, lube, and

If you were just out for a dirty or dusty ride, it's a good idea to give your bike a quick wash before you put

A smooth, fluid pedal stroke combined with a good cadence is an integral part of riding fast and efficiently. Here is everything you need to

Almost as mysterious and magical as shaved legs is this substance known as chamois butter, or chamois cream. From the name you can figure out

One fundamental aspect of cycling is pedaling. But there's more than pedaling than just pedaling - you need to pedal correctly, at the correct speed.

The days are hot, you sweat, and the sweat drips into your eyes. It stings your eyes and smears on your glasses. Helmet pads just


Dealing With the Weather

Even on smooth pavement, you’re bound to get caught in some nasty weather at some point. You might even want to go out in the snow for fun. Here’s how to handle these cold and wet weather conditions.

An idea for what you can eat while riding your bike outside in freezing cold temperatures. It's not your typical energy bar...

Riding in the rain can be fun, but replacing parts because they rusted thanks to your riding in the rain is not so fun. Here

If you plan to venture out in the rain or on wet roads, on your road or mountain bikes, here are some tips to keep

If you've done any bike rides in cold weather, you know that keeping your feet warm is very difficult, yet extremely important. While searching for

Want to keep your hands warm and toasty but can't find or afford proper pogies? Then break out some plastic jugs and duct tape and

(This article was originally published on, but I'm republishing it here because the advice is still useful!) It's inevitable. At some point in the


Road Racing

Advice for those of you entering road bike races.

So much attention is paid to proper training strategies and racing tactics, while pre-race warm ups are often taken for granted. It's like good nutrition

When it comes to road racing, being in great shape is only half the battle. You need to be able to race hard and race

While your training plan and racing tactics are extremely important, you can't forget the little things that can make or break a race. One of

Have you ever been too scared to eat and drink during a road bike race? It can be intimidating with riders on all sides of

As if it wasn't hard enough to train for a race, drive there, and keep your mind focused on race strategy, there's another obstacle thrown


Leg Shaving – Yeah, Men Shave!

Here’s everything you need to know about shaving your legs, including the what, why, how, when, and where.

There are many reasons to consider alternatives to shaving. Maybe you don't like the stubble growing back sharp and prickly. Maybe you don't want to

Today's question is about finding the best cartridge razor out there, both for best shave and best value... Which Cartridge Razor Gives the Best Shave

When you're shaving your humungous, chiseled quadriceps, does the thought of how much you're spending on razor blades ever cross your mind? The monetary concern

There's a trend right now where men who grew up with cartridge razors are going old school and turning to traditional safety razors for their

Today's question is from a high school boy who shaved his legs for swimming, and things aren't going so well now... Ethan writes: I have

Looking for a smooth shave? Then you might want to look at a premium shaving cream. Here is my review of Day Away exfoliating shaving

So you shaved your legs, but now they are covered in these little red bumps? That is called razorburn. Here is how to prevent it

If you take the plunge and decide to trade your hairy, manly legs for silky smooth cyclist or swimmer legs, many questions will arise. But

I have been shaving my legs for so long that I don't even remember why I do it. It's just instinct. Kind of like putting

Ever thought about shaving your legs, but you're worried about what will happen when the hair grows back? Will it be thick and dark? Read

There comes a time in every cyclist's life where you're going to think about shaving your legs. Even if you don't plan to actually shave


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21 ounce bottles not cutting it for long endurance rides? Go bigger! Large bike water bottles can come in handy for big adventures where you

The Arundel Stainless Steel Bottle Cage is strong and durable, works well, and looks great. A fantastic choice. These days, many cyclists just buy the

Today, there are numerous bike repair stand options for the home mechanic. Styles and price ranges can vary drastically, so it's critical to do your

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It's the question on everyone's minds: "What kind of bike should I buy?" The answer is always: buy a gravel bike. Why gravel bikes are

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