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A bike storage shed is the best way to store your bicycles if you don’t have room in your house or garage. A bike shed will give you the most protection and security of any outdoor bike storage option.

But it’s also not a decision to take lightly. Sheds are large investments, both in terms of cost and assembly time. So you want to do your research! Here are some of the best models – and how to choose the best one for your situation.

The Best Bike Sheds

There are countless types of sheds out there, and just about any shed will get the job done. But if you are purposely choosing the shed for bike storage, it makes sense to get one that really caters to your needs as a cyclist.

And there really are sheds designed specifically for bikes! Here are the best ones:

Best Designed Bike Shed: Duramax Bicycle Store

duramax bicycle store bike shed next to patio

The Duramax Bicycle Store is a 6×6 metal bicycle shed that holds four bicycles with space leftover for cycling equipment. There is no doubt it was designed for bikes!

First, the orientation of the doors allows your bikes to be rolled in and out easily. Even better, you can roll out any single bike without disturbing the others! This is a rare feature; most other sheds require you to move each and every bike if you’re trying to get to the one in the back.

To accomplish this, the shed actually has built-in tracks that hold your bicycles in place. Just roll your bike in. No need to fumble around. No need to purchase floor racks for each bike.

The Bicycle Store is not simply well-designed. It is also well-built, using galvanized steel panels for strength and durability, and utilizing roof vents to prevent moisture buildup. For security, a key lock is included.

Selling for about $900, it’s also reasonably priced.

duramax bicycle store bike holders

Just be prepared for some serious effort when it comes to assembly. Even the best metal sheds take time to assemble, and it’s best to have two people.

Fortunately, the Duramax Bicycle Store comes with instructions and there are helpful videos on their website. (Something you won’t get if you opt for a cheap metal shed.)

Similarly, keep in mind that this shed does not come with a floor. So you need to have a flat driveway or patio – or a new concrete slab – in place to support the shed. And you’ll want to secure the shed to this foundation and seal it up to keep out bugs, water, thieves, etc.

Buy online: Compare prices at DuramaxShedsDirect.com, Sheds For Less, and Home Depot

Best Value Bike Shed: Suncast Stow-Away

suncast stow-away storing bikes in the backyard

The Suncast Stow-Away horizontal shed is a high-quality, easy-to-assemble storage shed with ideal dimensions for storing two bicycles and related gear.

This resin shed offers the perfect combination of durability, ease of use, security, and value.

With the resin panel construction, it’s not as strong as a metal shed, but it’s plenty sturdy for most applications outside of high crime areas. It should be durable enough to last for many years of maintenance-free use.

It’s very easy to assemble. Plan for 1-2 hours with basic hand tools. A second set of hands will make it easier, but it’s doable as a solo project.

You’ll have to provide your own padlock, but it is lockable.

The best security feature though could be it’s appearance! When closed, it looks commonplace:

suncast stow-away shed closed

Thieves don’t really care about your push mower and gardening tools!

You get all of this for $600-700.

If low price and easy assembly are important to you, this is the shed you need.

Buy online: Compare prices at Amazon.com and Home Depot

Most Secure Bike Shed: Asgard X3 Police Approved

asgard x 3 bike shed in green

Asgard sells a full line of bike shelters, bike lockers, and bike sheds. You can get a small bike locker that holds a single bike or a giant shed that stores 12 bikes and gear – and everything in between!

This X3 is a “Police Approved” model which means it’s super secure and next to impossible to break into. In other words, thieves won’t even bother.

They’re not kidding around. Aside from a pick- and drill-resistant lock, all the hardware is installed internally so there is no external hardware to undo. That includes the hardware for securing the shed to a concrete foundation. But even without that, the shed weighs 300 pounds, so no one is going to walk off with it.

(Note that this size is the smallest shed they make that’s officially “police-approved.” But don’t worry, their other models are still very secure!)

There are some major downsides, unfortunately. The biggest problem is that these sheds are built and delivered only in the UK. You can’t get one delivered to the USA. (You’d have to buy it in the UK and then somehow arrange for a 300+ pound package to get shipped across the ocean.)

If you’re in the UK, they’re available, but you have to be willing to spend $1000+ on a bike shed. (Plus the time and energy for assembly.)

Buy online: Check current price at Asgardsss.co.uk

More Convenient Security: Asgard X2 Slimline Bike Storage

asgard x 2 bike shed in gray

If you only need storage space for two bikes, the Asgard X2 is a great design. Unlike the X3, the X2 allows you to take out either bike without disturbing the other.

(On the X3, bikes are stored in such a way that you have to move bikes from the front if you want to access the bike in the back.)

The X2 is not “police approved,” but it’s still very secure.

Buy online: Check current price at Asgardsss.co.uk

Choosing a Bike Storage Shed

A bike shed offers far more protection than a vinyl tent or covering, and more practicality compared to a typical garden shed. They’re great, especially the ones I listed.

But like I said, they’re not cheap and they don’t arrive ready to use. So it’s important to do your research and make a good choice for your specific situation.

What to look for in a shed

Here are the main features to pay attention to.


While a dedicated shed is going to be more expensive than other types of bike storage, there’s a difference between spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

And it’s not just the sticker price. Consider the total cost of the build.

There may be oversize shipping charges. Maybe you have to provide your own padlock. You might need to recruit a friend to help with the assembly. You might even need to pour a concrete slab to create a stable foundation.


The main benefit of these sheds is high security. Depending on where you live and where the shed will be placed, you might require more or less security.

When analyzing security, consider the material, weight, anchoring, how it’s set up, and the built-in lock (if any).

Material (wood vs metal vs resin)

The three main materials you’ll find are wood, metal, and resin. Each has unique pros and cons.

Wooden sheds are heavy and secure, and they look very nice. But they’re expensive. And they require maintenance.

A good metal shed is going to be heavy and very secure, and require little to no maintenance. But it will take more time and energy to assemble.

Resin sheds are cheaper, easy to assemble, and easy to maintain. But they’re more susceptible to damage, whether that be by a thief or by extreme weather.

Size and shape

This should go without saying, but be sure to measure the space you have available and the dimensions of the shed, to ensure it’s going to fit in your desired location.

Also measure the dimensions of your bikes and visualize how they will fit in the shed.

Some smaller sheds could have a sloped roof, allowing you to fit a size XL 29er in the back and a kids bike up front, but NOT two 29ers.

A good rule of thumb is for two bikes, look for a shed that’s about 3′ x 5′. To store 3-4 bikes, a 6′ x 6′ shed is usually good.

Ease of use

It’s important to consider ease of use. Ask yourself, “was this shed designed to store bicycles?”

A shed designed for bikes is going to be easy to spot. It’s going to be designed so that you can roll your bikes in and out, individually, without interfering with neighboring bikes. It’s probably going to have some sort of built-in racks or dividers to hold the bikes upright. It might even have shelves and hooks for hanging gear, placed where they are easy to access yet not in the way of the bikes.

While this is not critical in terms of security, I think it’s worth paying extra for. Think about how often you’ll get your bike in and out of the shed over the course of its 10-20 year lifespan.

Installation and assembly

Sheds vary greatly when it comes to installation and assembly.

This part of shed ownership is often glossed over, maybe because it’s a one-time thing, but I think it deserves careful consideration.

Really think about the level of effort required to get the shed built and ready to use.

Why a bike shed is better than a typical yard & garden storage shed

From the outside, you might not realize why a “bike shed” is better than your typical backyard storage shed.

But once you open it up, you’ll understand.

A bike shed is going to be designed so that you can roll your bikes in and out, individually, without interfering with neighboring bikes. It’s probably going to have some sort of built-in racks or dividers to hold the bikes upright. It might even have shelves and hooks for hanging gear, placed where they are easy to access yet not in the way of the bikes.

Garden sheds don’t have any of this.

In most garden sheds, you have to place the bikes in sideways. And then you either have to lean the bikes against each other, or buy separate floor racks ($20-50 each) to keep the bikes upright. And then when it’s time to go for a ride, your bike might be in the very back, in which case all the other bikes have to come out so you can remove your bike.

It gets old after a while. Think about how often you’ll get your bike in and out of the shed over the course of its lifespan. Do you want that hassle each time?

What you must know about build and assembly

Even the best bicycle-specific sheds require assembly. Know what you are getting into!

First of all, before it even comes to assembly, think about the location and foundation. You need a suitable location big enough to fit the shed. You also need some sort of foundation. If your driveway or patio is flat, that might work. If not, you might need to pour a concrete slab or build a platform.

The foundation is especially important because there are some metal sheds that do NOT include a floor. (The Asgard sheds include a metal floor; the Duramax Bicycle Store does not.) If there is no floor built-in, that’s extra work on your part.

Assembly also varies widely.

Some sheds are very simple to set up. Resin sheds are usually no trouble at all; they’re relatively lightweight and they often include a floor, so all you need is a relatively flat piece of ground and you can get to building.

Other sheds are difficult to set up, but worth it. Every metal shed is going to be time-consuming to build, but if it’s a quality shed with instructions, the assembly shouldn’t be too difficult.

(If you’re considering a metal bike shed like the Asgard X3 mentioned earlier, I recommend reading this first-hand account of the installation process from Cycling Weekly.)

Then there are sheds that are difficult to set up, but NOT worth it. For instance, the really cheap metal sheds from China. It takes hours and hours to assemble the flimsy metal pieces with the tiny metal screws, the instructions are likely incomprehensible, and in the end, the shed is probably flimsy, dented, and noisy.


Those are the best bike sheds.

If the cost and complexity has you reconsidering indoor bike storage, you might want to review my recommended bike storage solutions for your home and garage and see if you can’t find space after all.

Or maybe you only need something temporary that’s easier to set up. You should check out all outdoor bike storage options, including outdoor bike racks and bike tents.

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