suncast stow-away storing bikes in the backyard

What are you to do if you own fancy bikes, yet there is absolutely no storage space inside your home?

You find yourself some outdoor bike storage. There are various types of outdoor storage options, from commonplace garden sheds and lightweight bicycle covers to purpose-built bike storage sheds. Here’s how to choose the best one for your needs.

Outdoor Bike Storage

Outdoor bike storage is essential for anyone that cannot store their bicycle inside their home or garage. You cannot just leave your bike outside on the porch, exposed to the elements, easily susceptible to theft.

Here are your main options for better storage:

Bike racks. You could mount a bike rack on your porch, giving you a place to store your bike neatly as well as a solid object to lock it to.

Bicycle tents. Built much like a tent you would camp in, these tents are made with a size and shape for bicycle storage.

Garden sheds. There are some commercially available sheds that are designed for lawn and garden use, but they actually are a good size to store some bikes.

Bike sheds. Purpose-built sheds designed to hold your bicycles. (For real!)

Continue scrolling to discover the best ones.

Outdoor Bike Racks

There are various bike storage racks for your house that would also work outside your house, in terms of holding your bike steady. (And depending on what sort of outdoor storage you go with, you still might need one of these floor racks.)

However, these racks would not provide protection from the elements. Nor from thieves.

So this would only work if you have a porch with a roof, and you live in a very mild climate, and you’re in a very safe neighborhood. Or perhaps if you have a third-floor balcony.

If your storage is truly outdoors, you would want to purchase a rack meant to be used outdoors. Something that can be exposed to the weather. Something sturdy enough you could trust locking your bike to it.

treetop metal outdoor bike rack

For example, this traditional grid-style bike rack from TreeTop Products. But you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars.

And you still might want a bicycle cover. That’s another $25 or so.

(One highly-rated option is the GRITRIVAL bicycle cover.)

This might be all you need, but there are much better options! I highly encourage you to keep scrolling.

Bicycle Tents

A bicycle tent is literally the same idea as a tent you would go camping in, but the dimensions are chosen for your bicycle, not for you.

These are great because they are easy to set up and easy to work with. It’s just like pitching a tent – you have tent poles that combine with a soft fabric shell. And there’s a convenient zippered door for access.

It’s less hassle than fussing with a form-fitting bicycle cover.

Bicycle tents aren’t super expensive, either. Heavy-duty tents may cost in the $200 range, but some can be found for under $50.

They’re also lightweight and portable, so if you were going camping and taking your bikes, your bikes could have a tent of their own next to yours!

There are some downsides, though. Durability is going to be low compared to a solid structure, especially if it’s outdoors year-round. And these do nothing to prevent theft (unless people think it only contains gardening stuff rather than sports equipment, in which case it may be ignored).

Here are two of the best bicycle tents:

Best Choice: YardStash Heavy-Duty Bike Storage Tent

yardstash bike tent

A well-known name brand, YardStash makes a variety of outdoor storage solutions. This one could just as well be a multipurpose storage tent, but it’s designed to fit two adult bicycles.

This is their special “heavy duty” tent, which uses vinyl tarpaulin with sealed seams rather than the thinner material used on their cheaper model. It’s the most durable bicycle tent I’m aware of. Being green and saying “YardStash” may help you to hide your bikes in plain sight!

Assembly is easy – it can be put together without tools in just 10 minutes.

This one sells for around $200.

Buy online: Check current price at

Budget Option: Prolee Bike Tent

prolee bike tent in backyard

If you’re looking for a bike tent on a budget, this is the one for you. The Prolee sells for less than $50.

Its design is very similar to the YardStash, but for 1/4 of the price!

This is an especially great choice if you just need a temporary storage solution. It only costs a little bit more than a bicycle cover, but is much less hassle if you have to get your bike in and out each day!

Buy online: Check current price at

Lawn & Garden Sheds

If you look around, you’ll find that some of those plastic garden sheds happen to be big enough for bikes.

Of course, these cost more and require more effort to assemble.

But in return, this sort of shed will be far more durable than a tent. It should last for many years.

Another benefit is that these sheds use a solid door, so they are lockable. (While they’re not super secure, they’ll probably deter most thieves.)

The one downside to these sheds is an issue they share with the bike tents: they open on the long side, so if you have two bikes, you have to remove both when you want the one in the back.

Best Choice: Suncast Stow-Away

suncast stow-away storing bikes in the backyard

The Suncast Stow-Away horizontal shed is a high-quality, easy-to-assemble storage shed with ideal dimensions for storing two bicycles and related gear.

It’s the only one on the market I can recommend! It has the perfect combination of durability, ease-of-use, and security.

Buy online: Compare prices at and Home Depot


Warning: Don't be tempted by cheap sheds.

Bike Sheds

Wouldn’t you know it, there are sheds purpose-built for bicycle storage!

These long-lasting, permanent structures provide both high security and protection from the elements. Regardless of your local climate or crime statistics, you can count on a bike shed to secure your bikes.

But there aren’t typical sheds. These are made with special touches to be ideal for bicycle storage! For instance, the best ones are set up to roll your bikes in and out – unlike most sheds that require moving all the bikes to get the one in the back!

Naturally, this sort of structure requires significant assembly. And they’re not cheap!

When it comes to dedicated bike sheds, there is one in particular that stands out as the perfect blend of security and ease-of-use…

Best Bike Shed: Duramax Bicycle Store

duramax bicycle store bike shed next to patio

The Duramax Bicycle Store is a 6×6 metal bicycle shed that holds four bicycles and some cycling equipment. The orientation of the doors allows the bikes to be rolled in and out easily. With that, you can roll out any of the bikes without disturbing the others!

It actually has built-in tracks that hold your bicycles in place, so there is no need to purchase floor racks for each bike.

The shed is built with galvanized steel panels and a key lock is included.

But be prepared for some serious effort when it comes to assembly. Fortunately, it comes with instructions and there are helpful videos on their website.

Similarly, keep in mind that this shed does not come with a floor. So you need to have a flat driveway or patio, or even a new concrete slab in place to support the shed. And you’ll want to secure the shed to this foundation and seal it up to keep out bugs, water, etc.

But if you’re ready to invest in high-quality bicycle storage outside your house, this bicycle shed is a great choice.


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