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Health and Medicine

Keep this in mind – I am not a lawyer, doctor, certified trainer, physical therapist, or Registered Dietitian. I’m just your average Joe (except that my name is Levi) with a website. While I can advise you from my personal experience and tell you what I think is right, you should always consult a professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, or lifestyle.

For this reason, I do not provide any sort of medical advice.


To defer some of the costs of running this website, sometimes I have included “affiliate links” when writing about a product I like. I may earn a small commission on any sales if someone clicks through my link. Read more about this in the Advertising Disclosure section.

Dangers and Risks

Coach Levi is a trained professional (kind of), so Don’t try this at home!


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I understand if you like this website and want to share the content with more people, but I put a lot of work into providing this information for free, so please don’t steal!

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All violations will be handled at the fullest extent of the law. If you violate copyright laws, you may have your website shut down, your profits forfeited, and just plain bad karma following you around.

Email Policy

I have provided an “Email Me” link so that you may contact me with questions or feedback about my website. You may also write in with racing, training, and/or nutrition questions and I will answer them on the website if time permits.

However, I do not always have time to answer, so I cannot guarantee that I will have a chance to respond.

Also, there are certain questions I just cannot answer. First, medical questions. Those should be addressed to your doctor or another qualified professional. Second, customer service for other companies. Just because I write a review of an energy bar does not mean that I can help you with order tracking or provide you with specific information about the manufacture of that bar. For specific questions like that, contact the company, not me. Third, extensive personalized questions. If you are looking for a personalized diet and training plan with consultation, you will have to hire your own coach.

All rights are reserved and these terms may be changed at any time at my discretion, without notice.


Advertising Disclosure

To defer some of the costs of running this website, sometimes I have included “affiliate links” when writing about a product I like. I may earn a small commission on any sales if someone clicks through my link. It does not harm you in any way; it simply helps me, and allows me to spend the time necessary to provide quality content on this website.

I think I deserve to make a few dollars here and there after putting the work into this website. In no circumstance would I point you to a product I would not use myself, only to make some money.

Anything I promote I either use myself and/or recommend for certain people. But if advertisements make you uncomfortable, you are free to leave (or you can just avoid clicking on links or looking at ads!)


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