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day away shaving lotion tube

Over the years, I’ve shaved my legs with a variety of shaving gels from Gillette, Nivea, and Edge, as well as regular body wash, and I actually prefer the body wash. (And the body wash is cheap, so that’s cool.)

I’ve never used anything fancy, but I certainly wouldn’t pass up the chance to try something nice. Which is why I’m testing something called Day Away shaving lotion right now.

Day Away is “exfoliating shaving cream” which exfoliates your skin and promises a closer shave, keeping your legs smoother, longer.

Yes, the stuff is for girls, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great for cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes!

The Ingredients

What good is expensive shaving cream if it doesn’t list exotic ingredients that seem to make your legs smoother just from reading the names?

Just check the first ingredient: “Herbal Infusion of Echinacea Purperea, Lemon Balm, Olive Leaf, Elder Flower and Berries, Lemon Peel, Goldenseal and Ginger in Water.” There’s also Olive Oil, Hydrolyzed Oats, Aloe Vera, and Green Tea, just to choose my favorites.

There were a couple regular ingredients, such as “Benzyl Alcohol,” but nothing that freaked me out.

Shaving with Day Away

As cool as the ingredients are, the point of this stuff is to give me a better shave (which means I can shave less often,) so let’s see if it delivers…

The First Shave

day away shaving lotion glob

I start out sitting on the edge of the bath tub and wet my legs, like usual. The directions say to “massage deeply into skin,” so I take a dollop and massage it into my right leg. It feels a lot like an exfoliating face scrub, with the rough, sandy stuff to clean off any dead skin.

Note: the picture to the left is a glob of Day Away on my leg, before being massaged into my skin.

Now things get interesting because this lotion practically disappears! It was kind of scary because I’m used to a thick layer of foam on top of my skin. With this, it looked like shaving bare skin!

day away spread on leg

Note: the picture above is what Day Away looks like when massaged into my leg. You can just barely see the white granules.

But I trust Day Away, and you know what, the razor just glides across. It’s scary the whole time, but somehow this lotion creates some sort of coating on your legs that lets the razor glide effortlessly and remove the hair. (Sort of like Dumonde Tech lube, which seems like it isn’t even on the chain, but if you trust it, it works marvelously.)

I ran into a slight problem though. I was shaving my legs in a dimly lit bathroom, and without a layer of shaving cream, I was “flying blind” so to speak. I like shaving cream because it gives me guidelines. If the leg is bare, I shave it. If there is still shaving cream there, I need to shave that section.

With this, you kind of go by memory (since your legs look the same whether shaved or not.)

I tried to go by feel, but that was another dead end. Those exfoliating granules stay stuck to your legs, so you can’t tell whether you’re feeling sand or stubble!

Despite the lighting situation, I finish my right leg and then do my left. Same story – it looks scary but then the razor glides effortlessly.

Even on the sensitive skin of my hamstrings, where I would typically get razor burn, this stuff worked marvelously. (I really didn’t think that would happen, but I underestimated this stuff!)

The rinse – oh boy, this takes just as long as shaving did! I had to rinse each leg about five times because those exfoliating granules do not want to rinse off! (In all fairness, any exfoliating scrub will take just as long. It just seems tough because I’m accustomed to rinsing off the small surface area of my face, not my entire legs.)

Eventually the granules do come off and I towel dry my legs.

Time for the smoothness test… As mad as I was about the inconveniences of using this stuff (can’t see it, scary, long rinse,) my eyes lit up when I rubbed my legs! On the sections where I managed to shave, my legs were so, so smooth!

Without a doubt, this is the smoothest my legs have ever been. I can’t say how much better they are, perhaps just 1% smoother than they are when I used body wash, but I swear they’re smoother.

Unfortunately, I had missed some sections due to the bad lighting. For most people this will probably be a very minor inconvenience. But I only have one tiny light in my bathroom, so the lighting where I shave is awful. I always miss huge sections even with regular shaving cream, because I simply can’t see the hair! (I’d do just as well with a blindfold.)

Shaving Under The Light!

To make sure I was doing a fair test of Day Away, I had another light installed in the bathroom, right above where I shave! Now I can see!!

The light made a huge difference. Once I had the light, I was able to see where I had shaved and where I had not. Shaving went much quicker after the new light was installed, and all the problems I encountered the first time became history.

day away shaven leg

Note: The picture above is to show how my leg looks where I have shaved and where I have not. Thanks to the good lighting, close-up photo, and week-old stubble, you can tell the difference.

Whether the problems going away is due to the new light or me getting used to this new shaving cream is irrelevant. What matters is that I started getting smooth, hassle-free shaves!

So once I actually got used to this stuff, I realized it was pretty cool.

Day Away Observations

Some things I noticed during my testing:


Any time you get something girly, you have to watch out for the scent. Luckily, Day Away wasn’t too strong, and it definitely wasn’t bad.

I want to say it’s a small part cream/lotion, large part orange peel. I’d say it’s kind of a fruity or floral scent when you smell the lotion, but it doesn’t leave a scent on your legs once you’re done.

Ease of Shaving

If you have good bathroom lighting, this stuff shouldn’t pose a problem. It might a few tries to get used to, though. Any time you change something (shaving cream included,) there’s an adjustment period.

My first time with this was tough, the second time around was easier, and then it got easier from there.

After three or four uses, I mastered it!

Closeness and Smoothness

My legs are noticeably smoother when using this. Like I said, it might only be a 1% increase in smoothness, but it feels better.

Even after the first shave, I could tell my legs were smoother.

After the fourth shave, my legs were silky smooth. Three days went by and I could just barely feel the stubble coming in. I had to get my eyes within a couple inches of my legs to actually see the stubble!

It makes sense though. Any time you exfoliate before you shave, you remove dead skin cells, allowing the razor to get closer to the fresh skin. So it’s not magic, but it is a great idea.

Razor burn

Typically I’ll get some razor burn around my hamstrings and inner thighs when I shave. I have to be extra careful anywhere above my knee. (And no matter how carefully I do it, I still get razor burn!)

With Day Away, I did get a little razorburn the first time. But after that, razor burn has all but disappeared! I still have to use caution above my knee, but razor burn is a thing of the past!

My final verdict is…

This Day Away lotion has given me the smoothest shave I’ve ever had. Once I got used to using it, it also reduced razorburn and ingrown hairs. So it is certainly good stuff (and I think it’s worth the money just due to the razor burn issue.)

Now, if you’re happy with your current shaving cream, and you’re low on cash, you might want to save the money and put it toward healthier food or important training essentials.

But if you have a bathroom with good lighting, and plenty of cash to spare, I wouldn’t think twice about buying this. It’s a no-brainer! (The 8oz tube should last for months, possibly the entire cycling season since you don’t use that much, so the $15.25 price tag isn’t bad at all.)

Official website: www.ExfoliatingShavingCream.com

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  1. Hey Coach, Love your review of our product! Good news: we lowered the price to $9.75 a tube. If the #1 reason to shave is to LOOK GOOD, well there’s an even better reason to use Day Away than razor burn. All those cool ingredients you loved? Organic anti-aging. You heard it! Cyclists legs are exposed to a lot of weather. Replenish them with what they naturally crave. Spending cash on Day Away IS THE SAME as spending it on healthier food, as the stuff you put on those muscles enters your body (skin is trans-dermal supply system). And I don’t think you have petroleum or formaldyhyde on your “BEST DIET” list.

    To you cycling enthusiasts: buy two bottles. Give one to a girl you love. Keep the other for youself. Watch out for the combination. Crazy Smooth!

  2. [Submitted on: Sep 9, 2009]

    We changed our name FROM ExfoliatingShavingCream.com TO DayAwayBotanicals.com, but you can get to us from either. Why the change? It’s easier to spell, for starters, plus more descriptive. And we’re changing the label (less girlie!). We’ve also added an after-shave (good for the rest of your body also) called Replenishing Lotion. At $10 a bottle that’ll last you 2 months, well it’s cheaper than tubes and tire irons.

    Love your articles! #1 reason to shave? To look good. For girls, too! I’d love for you to use our products right in your How To Shave (which I loved). Forget about that Edge Gel. Cheap and nasty ingredients. Google them for yourself. Your skin is a trans-dermal supply system, which means you’re eating what you put on those muscular beauties!

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