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Sick of Shaving Your Legs? Here Are 7 Leg Shaving Alternatives to Consider!

How often do you question the decision to shave your legs? Because for me, other than the first 1-2 shaves each season, I question it every single time! I don’t hate it, but it sure takes up a lot of time. Think about it. Even if you’re

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Tested: Dollar Shave Club

When you’re shaving your humungous, chiseled quadriceps, does the thought of how much you’re spending on razor blades ever cross your mind? The monetary concern probably ranks behind the “why am I wasting my time on this?” question and the “holy crap my legs look awesome when

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How to Shave Your Legs with a Double Edge Safety Razor

There’s a trend right now where men who grew up with cartridge razors are going old school and turning to traditional safety razors for their shaving needs. Probably has something to do with the skyrocketing cost of Gillette’s cartridges! Even I jumped on the bandwagon and bought

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Ask Levi: What’s the Best Cartridge Razor?

Today’s question is about finding the best cartridge razor out there, both for best shave and best value… Hi Levi. You seem to know razors and shaving cream. I don’t want a DE razor. So, out of all the cartridge razors you may have tried, in your

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Ask Levi: How to Deal With Bullying at School After Shaving My Legs?

Today’s question is from a high school boy who shaved his legs for swimming, and things aren’t going so well now… Ethan writes: I have a leg hair issue. I shaved my leg hair for swimming bcuz it apparently makes us swim better. Ppl are now making

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Tested: Exfoliating Shaving Cream from Day Away

Looking for a smooth shave? Then you might want to look at a premium shaving cream. Here is my review of Day Away exfoliating shaving cream, which may give you those silky smooth legs you desire…

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Ask Levi: What’s With These Little Red Bumps After Shaving?

So you shaved your legs, but now they are covered in these little red bumps? That is called razorburn. Here is how to prevent it next time…

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Ask Levi: How Long Should It Take a Guy to Shave His Legs?

If you take the plunge and decide to trade your hairy, manly legs for silky smooth cyclist or swimmer legs, many questions will arise. But one is about how long should it take a guy to shave his legs…

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Ask Levi: How Far Up Should I Shave?

“I had a bad case of road rash about a month ago and several of my buddies suggested shaving em. How far up your body do you recommend shaving?” Read on to find my answer to this daunting question…

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5 Real Reasons Why You Should Shave Your Legs (That Have Nothing To Do With Aerodynamics)

I have been shaving my legs for so long that I don’t even remember why I do it. It’s just instinct. Kind of like putting on my helmet or lathering up with chamois butter, I don’t think about why I do it, I just do it. And hey, it works fine that way. But there are so many myths and misconceptions about leg shaving, and so many articles that don’t quite get it right, I decided to put on my thinking cap and remember exactly why I shave my legs.

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What I Use To Shave My Legs

If you have read my guide to shaving your legs, you might be wondering just what to use when you shave your legs. Here’s what works for me…

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Ask Levi: Will My Hair Grow Back Thicker and Darker?

Ever thought about shaving your legs, but you’re worried about what will happen when the hair grows back? Will it be thick and dark? Read on to learn the truth…

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How To Shave Your Legs: A Guide for First Timers

There comes a time in every cyclist’s life where you’re going to think about shaving your legs. Even if you don’t plan to actually shave your legs, you have to wonder why some cyclists do it. But if you do want to shave your legs, you have to ask yourself, “now how exactly do I do this?”

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