When a guy decides to trade his hairy, manly legs for a pair of silky smooth athletic legs, many questions arise. Typically it’s “why do guys shave their legs?”

But one question everyone wonders about but (almost) never asks is…

How long should it take a guy to shave his legs?

I’ve talked about how to shave your legs, but never about how long it should take to shave them.

leg shaving for cyclists razor

I never wanted to tackle this issue, because I wonder about it myself. But it’s a good question and worthy of discussion. Although it could very well be one of those questions where there is no right or wrong answer.

If I had to pick one answer, I’d use the vague “as long as it takes to do a good job, but not a second longer.”

I’ve never timed myself, but it does take a while. I like to sit down, listen to music and relax while shaving, probably for 30 minutes. But that’s me. Some people say it only takes 5 minutes to do both legs (which seems a little too fast to me, but it might be possible.)

Some spots are super fast, but then others are slow. For example, the knee and ankle are kind of tricky. And then any spots where you have ripped muscles will take a little longer than the front of your shin, which is probably the easiest spot to do.

It also depends on factors such as…

  • how often you shave
  • how thick your leg hair is
  • how tall you are (leg length)
  • how far up you shave
  • body fat %
  • lighting conditions
  • your razor

And other little things!

If you don’t mind missing a few hairs, you can save time. Some people have such thin, light hair, they could miss some big patches and no one would notice.

Lighting is also a big deal, because without good lighting, you’ll miss hairs without knowing it, and end up coming back later after checking your legs under a bright light or sunlight.

The “only shave up to the tan line” is another time-saving strategy, although it might not be a great idea.

Hopefully that sheds a little light on the subject. It’s definitely not an open and shut case!

Anyone out there time themselves for leg shaving or have other thoughts?

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  1. The first time I shaved it took about an hour to get everything. But now with shaving every couple of days, it takes about 20 minutes. The important thing I find is to allow yourself enough time or you’ll cut yourself up, and that’s never fun.

  2. I shaved my legs last night for first time.. took me over 2 hours lol dont like the look at all but hell i feel smooth!

  3. I prefer to use a womens Gillette Venus.It gives the smoothest shave on the legs.Then Once a month I will use a Ladies Epilator for a once over on the legs.Best legs I have ever had.PS I dont ride bikes.

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