Ever thought about shaving your legs, but you’re worried about what will happen when the hair grows back? Read on to learn the truth…

I’ve always heard that hair grows back thicker and darker after you shave it! I can’t shave my legs then!


Hi Harry,

That’s a very common misconception, and I hear it all the time! But the truth is, it’s completely false.

After you shave your legs, your hair will grow back in just like it was beforehand. Each winter my leg hair grows back as usual, and that’s after shaving my legs for about eight years. If anything, my leg hair grows back thinner.

The reason people believe this myth is because when your cut your hair with a razor, like on your face, it blunts the end of the hair. So the very end of each hair is thicker because it wasn’t a smooth cut, which is why you get the appearance of black dots on your face. But that thick end wears away as the hair grows out.

See, shaving doesn’t change the hair follicle or other internal parts of the hair, only the ends of the hair. So shaving cannot affect how your hair grows! Shaving would have to change your DNA if it were to cause your hair to get thicker or darker, and that’s just not going to happen.

If you need more proof, see the plethora of myth busting websites covering this topic:

So go ahead and shave your legs as much as you want!

If you need instructions, just see my Leg Shaving Tutorial which will keep you on the right track.

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  1. ..i shave my leg hair 5 time already and.. willl it come back very curly and dark ..?

  2. @jayvee

    Only if it was very curly and dark beforehand!

    If it was soft and light brown, it will come back soft and light brown.

  3. After right knee replacement surgery this past April, the hair on my leg that was shaved has grown back thicker and darker than my left leg. I’d post a photo if I could.

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