Today’s question is about using a hybrid for road riding and if it will be sufficient…

Hi Coach Levi, I did a charity ride 3 months ago. I had a mountain bike that was over 20 years old, somewhat rusty and not in very good condition. I decided to buy a new bike to do the ride because I didn’t know if the old mountain bike was going to withstand it.

The area where I live is not a biking community so I went for a hybrid, Scott Sportster P6 to be exact. Two months after my dad told us we are going to move closer to my brother and he lives in a biking community. I am now going to do road rides with him; if I knew before hand that we were moving I would’ve gotten a road bike. My ? to you is, do u think I should sell/trade in this bike for a road bike since I’ll be doing road rides?

Hybrid Henry

Hi Henry,

What I would do is start out doing your road rides on the hybrid and see how it works out. The Scott Sportster P6 looks to have road wheels with fairly slick tires so you might be alright on it, at least to start out.

The downfalls I see are these:

1. If you’re a powerful rider and like to go fast, the 48×14 high gear is going to be too low for road use. And you’ll definitely spin out on downhills.

2. If you do long rides, the lack of available hand positions offered by a flat bar will have you wishing for the drop bar of a real road bike.

3. It’s heavy. 27lb is rather heavy for something being ridden on the road.

So if you know you are going to be doing a lot of road rides and get pretty serious about it, I’d get a road bike sooner rather than later. But if you’re not positive, I’d stick with what you have. At the very least, the hybrid is going to be much faster and more comfortable than a 20 year old mountain bike!!

Another thing to consider is money. If you sell or trade in a nearly new bike, you’ll probably still lose quite a bit of money on it. And then you need to buy the road bike, and they are typically more expensive than hybrids, even for the lower-end models. (While it’s easy to find a $400 hybrid, it’s hard to get a new road bike for under $800.)

Whatever you do, just try to enjoy the ride!

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