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arundel stainless steel bottle cage

The Arundel Stainless Steel Bottle Cage is strong and durable, works well, and looks great. A fantastic choice.

These days, many cyclists just buy the nicest looking or lightest bottle cage. The choice of bottle cage is more of a fashion statement than anything.

But if you’re looking for a cage that works incredibly well, and still looks good, consider a stainless steel cage. Like this one, the Arundel Stainless Steel Bottle Cage.

What You Must Know About The Arundel Stainless Steel Bottle Cage

I actually got this cage when I purchased a used mountain bike, so it was sort of a free bonus. I had no idea it was stainless steel!

Here’s what I later found out:


This cage has a claimed weight of 53 grams. That’s pretty standard for a stainless steel bottle cage, which are usually 45-55 grams.

Now, there are lightweight carbon cages that weigh as low as 20 grams. So you could run two of those cages for less weight penalty than a single one of these. But those cages cost more and are nowhere near as durable as this one.

In any event, you’re probably not choosing a stainless steel cage for weight savings.

(Note: Arundel is a well-known and respected company – they make some of the best carbon fiber bottle cages with claimed weights as low as 25g.)


Most stainless steel cages have a matte finish of natural stainless steel. But not this Arundel cage.

This Arundel bottle cage is highly polished, so it’s almost like a chrome finish. It’s very shiny. It looks more like an aluminum alloy cage than a steel cage.

Personally, I prefer the natural stainless steel look. But, for certain bikes, this is the better style. For example, if your bike has silver or chrome parts, this is the better match.

Overall, the cage is elegant and classy, and is a nice touch for many mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and classic steel-framed road bikes.

Arundel describes it as:

4.2mm stainless steel tubing bent in the same graceful curves as our original model. The mounting spine is a stamped piece of art. This is not a standard metal cage. The finished cage is polished to a brilliant shine and will add to the aesthetics of any machine.


This cage is a perfect example of “function and fashion.”

I was a little skeptical because the shape is slightly different than usual, but it works perfectly. It holds bottles very firmly!

One fantastic attention to detail here is in the mounting holes. The top one is a regular circle, but the bottom one is more of a slot, just in case your frame’s bottle bosses aren’t perfectly spaced.


I acquired this bottle cage in 2010, so that means I’ve been using it for over 10 years at this point! (And I bought it used, so who knows how long it was in use beforehand.)

It will probably outlast the aluminum and carbon fiber bikes that I’ve mounted it on. It’s bombproof.


When I got this back in 2010, the retail price was $27.95. It later increased to $29.95. Today, with supply chain interruptions and inflation, I see it listed at $33.95.

vs King stainless cage

The other top brand of stainless steel bottle cage is the King cage. Comparing the Arundel and King stainless steel cages…

The King cage is a tad lighter at 48 grams. So, 5 grams lighter than the Arundel. But if you’re a weight weenie, you’d be buying the titanium one rather than comparing these stainless steel ones! So I consider them close enough.

When it comes to design and style, you’re looking at two completely different styles. I prefer the simple, utilitarian look of the King cage, but the Arundel is nice if you have a bike with shiny silver parts! So they are nothing alike, but each one is equally stylish.

I’ve owned both brands of cages for over 10 years, with no durability issues, so that’s a tie.

Tallying up the scores… I consider them equal. Both companies make great cages!

My final verdict is…

This is an excellent bottle cage. If you want the benefits of stainless steel – durability and a secure hold – but also want a shiny bottle cage, this is the one for you.

Official website: www.ArundelBike.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. I have a newer steel bike and this Arundel cage suits it perfectly. The polished finish is a perfect match to my cranks. I did a 200 mile bikepacking trip. Terrible weather. (I looked like I did the Paris Roubaix.) These carried bottles securely day after day. Works great. 5 stars!

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