Want to keep your hands warm and toasty but can’t find or afford proper pogies?

home-made pogies

Then break out some plastic jugs and duct tape and a little elbow grease! I found this great idea the other day over at the Bicycles and Icicles blog, which is full of good stuff when it comes to winter cycling.

It looks like you take two jugs, one for each side, and cut a gap out of each one so you can put your hand in it. Also cut small holes for whatever brake and shifter cables you have. Then you duct tape the jugs to the bar and apply the duct tape liberally to make things look nice and classy.

A perfect pogie replacement! (If you’re not too familiar with pogies, check out this page about lobster gloves and pogies.)

Or if you have some cash and can act fast, look at these handlebar mittens on sale at Cabela’s:

cabelas handlebar mitten

They are made for ATVs and snowmobiles, but they should work fine on a bike. And for $12.99 for the black ones, it’s a steal! (Advantage Timber is $14.99, but hurry, they could sell out real fast!)

*Regular price is about $55.

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  1. Drats, black is sold out already!

  2. Hahahaha

    It looks very funny.

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