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Tested: Vbiger Outdoor Touchscreen Gloves

Last winter I began a search for a good winter workout glove, for running and cross country skiing, that was also touchscreen compatible. Why? Because I’m on Instagram. Duh! And in order to share photos of white fields and barren trees, I need to be able to

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Tested: CompressionZ Sport Gloves

There was a time when I never felt the need for touchscreen-compatible gloves. I always thought they were a gimmick for people more interested in their phones than in nature. But now you have phones and cameras, and even new Garmin GPS units, that require these type

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Tested: AXO 445 Glove

I go through quite a few pairs of gloves, so whenever I find any cool looking AXO gloves on sale, I usually grab them. One pair I bought recently were the AXO 445 gloves. They looked cool, cost a mere $12, and they’re black, so I got em…

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Tested: AXO Kicker Glove

In need of new gloves for the 2009 race season, I began to scour for some cheap AXO gloves. I love AXO gloves and PricePoint has them cheap – I got the AXO Kicker glove this time…

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Home-Made, Pogie-Replacing Hand Warmers

Want to keep your hands warm and toasty but can’t find or afford proper pogies? Then break out some plastic jugs and duct tape and a little elbow grease! I found this great idea the other day over at the Bicycles and Icicles blog, which is full

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