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vbiger touchscreen gloves

Last winter I began a search for a good winter workout glove, for running and cross country skiing, that was also touchscreen compatible. Why? Because I’m on Instagram. Duh!

And in order to share photos of white fields and barren trees, I need to be able to operate my iPhone – without removing my gloves.

I couldn’t find a single glove with great reviews, so I started testing some cheap ones hoping for the best. One of my test subjects was the Vbiger Outdoor Touchscreen Glove.

This is a random glove you can find at Amazon.com for ~ $13.

Why do they say “Alpine Meadows” on the back? I think that’s a brand you can find on Alibaba. So these aren’t even rebranded to “Vbiger.”

Oh well, at least that gives you a clue what type of product you’re getting!

These gloves, in a nutshell:

  • Thin material
  • Little warmth
  • Sticky palms
  • Touchscreen compatible

If you want a thin glove for mild temperatures, that will give you a good grip on whatever you need to hold, and still operate a touchscreen, these could work.

So, for further details…


These are a unisex glove, so I went with a size large. I’m glad I bought large and not a medium! The large is just about right; had I bought a medium, the material would not stretch to fit my hands properly.

Since they are unisex, and not that stretchy, men should consider going a size up.

Comfort and Fit

These are not uncomfortable, but they’re certainly not impressive in terms of comfort.

They aren’t cut/formed very well so the fit isn’t great. (The size is correct for me, but the fit isn’t.)

The Compressionz sport glove is actually way better in this regard.


These are pretty basic. The glove is black, the brand name is white, and the fingertips are gold.

There are no zippers or pull tabs or anything.

*Be careful when you order from Amazon – some colors have different designs. It’s odd.


Even though they are thin, I haven’t had any trouble with rips or tears. Nothing is falling apart!

Not even when I was fishing. They held up to the few times I was casting a line down at the creek. (But I don’t catch a whole lot of fish – mainly I’m just there enjoying being out in nature.)

Granted, I’ve only used them a couple months, and mostly for driving, so they should still be in great shape!


The palms have these grip strips across them, and they are sticky!

vbiger touchscreen glove grippy palm

When used for driving, they grip the steering wheel, with little effort on my part. The grip also probably works well for snow shovels or ski poles.

Touchscreen compatible

I’m rather impressed by the touchscreen material on the fingertips.

vbiger touchscreen fingertips

It works well with my iPhone, and it appears to be durable. I have high hopes for these. (I’ve had other gloves where the touchscreen fingertips simply quit working, wore out, and disintegrated.)

Just don’t expect to text message quickly and flawlessly. That’s tricky with any glove. It’s more for taking photos and answering phone calls.


The material is so thin, and without any fancy technology like you’d get with Columbia Omni-Heat, these gloves don’t provide much warmth.

Some people in the Amazon.com reviews say they are waterproof, but that’s definitely not the case. Water soaks right in to these things! They aren’t even water-resistant.

They are NOT winter gloves!

What do you use them for?

Since the glove is thin and light, I’d say it’s best in temperatures around 40-50 degrees.

And it would be better for activities where you generate warmth, such as running. If you’re just walking around or going fishing or something, these might not be a good choice.

They might be alright for cross country skiing on warm days, except that your cold ski poles may draw your body heat right out of the gloves.

Honestly, using them as driving gloves might be the best use.

My final verdict is…

These gloves are OK and have some decent features. Nothing makes me hate them.

However, I feel your money is better spent elsewhere. Invest in some name-brand gloves, and try them on at the store (like REI). You might spend a little bit more, but it’s worth it, because poor-fitting gloves will make you miserable.

Official website: N/A

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. As a photographer hiking through winter cold these glove are great as a liner. Easy to remove an outer glove and use the dexterity of these when you need it.

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