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compressionz sport gloves

There was a time when I never felt the need for touchscreen-compatible gloves. I always thought they were a gimmick for people more interested in their phones than in nature. But now you have phones and cameras, and even new Garmin GPS units, that require these type of gloves if you want to operate the device without subjecting your fingers to freezing cold temps.

And with my newfound love of Instagram, I need to use my iPhone, even in the middle of XC skiing!

I recently received a pair of the brand new CompressionZ Sport Gloves to test out. CompressionZ makes compression gear, like calf sleeves and shirts, but I’m not sure if these gloves are meant to be compression gloves. I mean, when I wear compression socks or calf sleeves, I know it! But with these gloves, they don’t look or feel the part.

Anyway, the gloves look pretty neat at first. They have a very simple, basic style, but they are shaped nicely, have anti-slip grip on the palms and fingers, and of course, some type of touch-sensitive material on the thumb and index finger.

They claim that the fabric is both waterproof and windproof, as well as breathable, which are lofty claims! I’d bet it’s water-resistant, and maybe it’s breathable, but it’s not like there’s a layer of Gore-Tex in there. I mean, the gloves are selling for $13.99 on Amazon.com. You can’t get truly waterproof and windproof gloves for that price!

The list price is $39.99, though, so maybe this is just a special introductory price. I mean, their other prices are in line with big brands like CEP and 2XU (like $60 for a compression shirt, $20 for a sleeve, etc.)

That would put the price in line with other gloves I’ve shopped for at REI, ones from name brands like The North Face. The price range for gloves like these is generally $20-40 (or on sale for $8-20.)

Let’s see if these are any good!


The first thing I do when buying gloves is to check the manufacturer’s size chart. The second thing I do is read reviews to see if there are comments on the sizing (true to size, they run small, etc.)

Well, CompressionZ did not provide a size chart for their gloves. And since they’re new, there are no reviews out there. Even worse, these are unisex gloves, so that just adds to the confusion. So, it was a complete guessing game.

Normally I get medium or large men’s gloves. The only unisex gloves I’ve had are a “one size fits all” sort of thing. But when it comes to thinner, stretchier gloves like this, I can fit medium, so that’s what I went with.

Do they fit?

compressionz sport gloves zipper

They are pretty tight, but that’s a good thing. Zipped up, they are a little on the tight side, but with the zipper down, they’re just right.

I got lucky this time, but I still think that gloves (like shoes) are something to buy in person!


These gloves are surprisingly comfortable. After wearing them around the house a while, they seemed to stretch out and break in, conforming to my hand much better each passing day.

compressionz gloves panels construction

The inner fleece liner is very, very soft, and the gloves are constructed in such a way as to be tight, without cutting into your skin. You can see all the different panels on the sides of the fingers that allow them to shape the gloves for a perfect fit.

In that regard, I was really impressed with the design.

Are they actually touchscreen compatible?

Yes! They have some special type of material on the thumb and index finger. It looks like a synthetic leather, but whatever it is, will operate a touch screen.

compressionz gloves touchscreen fingertips

I tested it with my iPhone, and while it’s not as crisp as using bare hands, it works!

It’s clumsy compared to bare hands in warm weather, but it’s less clumsy than in the middle of winter when I’m trying to type with numb fingers (since I’d have to remove my gloves if not for this feature!)

Now for the bad news – the material quit working! And it even started to peel off! This was all before winter even arrived!

Anti-slip grip

All my other thin gloves are sort of slippery when it comes to holding electronics, so this is a nice touch! (Especially with this JETech iPhone case I have now. It’s a nice low-profile shape, but wow the thing is slippery in your hands!)

compressionz gloves anti-slip palms

The tiny rubber strips are placed all over the palm and fingers.

I don’t need the grip for bike riding or running, but for skiing and kayaking, it could come in handy. Either way, I think the point is for giving you a good grip on your electronics! That’s what could slip out of your hands (and require dropping some serious cash for replacement.)

So far, the grip seems to hold on to most any object securely. Anything that’s not slippery, I can pick it up and hold it securely with two fingers and a light grip. Slippery items, like the aforementioned iPhone case, are still slippery. So the grip is helpful, but it’s not a huge improvement over bare hands. Just an improvement compared to gloves that lack this feature.

My only concern is how long the grip will last before it starts to wear out. I mean, if I’m running, the grip isn’t being used. But if I’m skiing, the grip is going to grind against the ski poles the entire time, which could wear it down. We shall see!

What would be the ideal weather conditions?

The gloves are fairly light, but seem well insulated. They’re definitely not summer gloves, nor are they going to handle freezing cold winter days.

Going by looks, I think they could handle temperatures of 40-60 degrees F for biking and running, and perhaps 30-50 degrees F for XC skiing.

They are more waterproof than I expected (rain rolls right off,) so they’re probably good for cool, rainy days on the bike (or in your kayak.)

[Stay tuned to see how they do next winter.]

It’s been about six months, and most of the glove is holding up well.

However, as previously mentioned, the touchscreen compatibility has vanished! That only took a couple months of light use.

Also, after only wearing the gloves a few times, around the house, just to try them on and see if I can operate my phone, one of the zippers broke! I pulled on it to tighten the glove, but it just did its own thing, and is totally off track.

That’s not a good sign!

That stupid zipper!

From the beginning, I knew the big zipper flopping around when running would have to get annoying. For biking or hiking, it’s not so bad, but if you’re really moving your arms, it’s terribly annoying.

I mean, running gloves with a big floppy zipper? Who designed that?! They should lose their job.

They could have used a low-profile zipper with a small pull tab, and it might have worked. But this whole thing is big and clunky. It’s total crap. The humongous pull tab flaps around, repeatedly hitting the back of your hand.

I wanted to cut the tab off, but without it, you can’t really pull the zipper. And with the zipper shut, I can’t possibly squeeze my hand into the glove, so I’d have to leave it unzipped.

Essentially, removing the zipper would ruin the fit of the gloves. So I decided to just deal with it.

broken zipper on compressionz sport gloves

Well, the stupid thing broke anyway! I was wearing them around the house to get a picture for Instagram. I pulled the zipper on the right hand glove, and it broke! I hadn’t even worn them outside for any sports!

So I decided to cut the whole zipper mechanism off of both gloves.

The gloves are still alright, but I’m just so annoyed. They could have avoided this scenario by not using a zipper in the first place!

The gloves are trying to be too fancy for the price point. That’s what CompressionZ gets for adding unnecessary features onto cheap gloves!

My final verdict is…

Ideally, buy your gloves in person. At the very least, don’t buy these gloves! I hate to say that, because if they got rid of the zipper, I’d be a big fan of these! But that crucial design flaw annoys me so much that I can’t recommend these gloves, even at the low $13.99 price point.

Then there’s the whole issue with them not being touchscreen compatible anymore…

If you are going to order online, I really like these Zensah gloves for example. Plus, Zensah provides you with a sizing chart!

Official website: www.CompressionZ.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. What about for driving gloves?

    • @Brandon

      Sure, they’d work fine. They’ll be great up until the zipper breaks.

      They’re just not designed well for sports, and since they’re called “Running Sport Gloves” on Amazon.com, that’s the problem.

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