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axo kicker gloves

In need of new gloves for the 2009 race season, I began to scour PricePoint.com for some cheap AXO gloves. I love AXO gloves and PricePoint usually has them cheap, and lo and behold, they had some again.

I found the AXO Kicker glove for a mere $13, so I picked up two pairs.

This is a very, very lightweight glove offering excellent ventilation. I think it is geared towards ventilation rather than safety, as there is virtually no protection on the glove.

The glove goes on easily and remains comfortable, thanks to the slip-on cuff. There is no Velcro patch to close, which means nothing to dig into your wrist when you move your hand.

These gloves are so comfortable, it’s like you’re not even wearing a glove. They are so lightweight and supple, you hardly know you’re wearing them, except that they do provide some extra grip on the handlebar. There are some very small rubber patches on the knuckles for safety, but they are thin and flexible, so they don’t restrict movement at all.

The silicone grippers on the fingertips are a nice touch. They grab and hold the brake levers securely, allowing for great modulation. They were probably the best fingertip grippers I’ve ever used, except they lost their touch after just one washing! After being washed, the grip had all but disappeared.

And while I enjoyed the lightweight comfort thanks to the limited padding, I would have preferred having a terry cloth thumb. Without that, it’s a little rough wiping sweat or snot off your face.

It was hard to complain too much, though, considering the price. So I started racing in them…

My first race in these gloves was a four hour mountain bike marathon, contested in 92 degree weather! Thanks to the ventilation, my hands did not overheat!

I ran into a problem though. The seam on my thumb pressed hard into my skin, making upshifts on the front derailleur somewhat painful (with Shimano RapidFire trigger shifters.) Luckily that seam on the thumb was never an issue after this first race though.

axo kicker gloves

Moving on, my second race in these was a local mountain bike time trial that took just over two hours. They felt good, except I ripped them in a crash less than one mile into the race. Since the palm is so thin, it rips easily in a wreck if there happens to be a sharp pointy stick or rock there. I can’t blame the glove for that, since it’s obviously not made to take abuse, but it’s something to keep in mind.

The problem that bothered me most was both prevalent and painful – I got blisters. At first I blamed it on my Ergon grips, which are rather hard and seemed to eat into my skin. But then I tried these gloves with softer grips and I still got blisters after a while. I think the palm is just too thin for mountain biking or BMX use where you are constantly pushing and pulling on the bar to maneuver.

My final verdict is…

These gloves are far from perfect, but they still make for a decent XC mountain bike racing glove in the summer heat (as long as the race is short!)

However, I’d rather wear a glove with a thicker palm than get blisters. Other AXO gloves of mine (like the Padlock) provide both good palm padding and good ventilation, so I can’t recommend the AXO Kicker.

Official website: www.AXO.com

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