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axo padlock glove

axo padlock glove palm

Like I’ve said before, I love AXO gloves. They just seem to fit perfectly and be built correctly. I already had the AXO Cabria for my XC mountain bike races, but I wanted a heavy duty pair for BMX riding.

I browsed around and found the AXO Padlock glove, which looked great for BMX.

At $40, the price was a tad steep, but I trusted AXO and figured it would be worth it in the long run. Well, it’s been over five years now, and the gloves are still going strong! They are finally starting to wear out, but there are still no rips or holes!

There are two things I wanted from these gloves. First, they should allow me to keep a good grip on the handlebar, even if my hands and/or the grip get sweaty. Second, they should protect both sides of my hand (but especially my palm) if I take a spill.

I got all that and more. The gloves provided a great grip on the handlebar, and the double-thick finger tips made for a good grip on the brake levers (it also kept them from wearing out quickly.)

There was plenty of hand protection, too. As you can see, there is plenty of rubber padding on the back of the grip, and the palm has two layers of leather where you’re likely to scrape the ground.

Tiny holes in the fingers provide just enough ventilation to keep me comfortable in the summer heat. Surprisingly, they did not diminish the durability of this glove one bit.

I used these gloves for XC mountain biking a couple times, although they’re not suited for that. The extra padding in unnecessary and there is no terry cloth thumb (no big deal when riding BMX, as I just wipe my face on my shirt.)

The grip is awesome though, and the tough but thin palm mates perfectly to my mountain bike’s thick Oury grips.

But like I said, I got these for BMX, and they were perfect. You could probably use them for downhill or freeride mountain biking, if you wish.

My final verdict is…

These gloves are awesome and durable. Since they lasted five years (and are just now wearing out), they were certainly worth the high price.

These are great gloves for BMX, and I bet they’d be good for downhill mountain biking and freeriding, too.

Official website: www.axo.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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