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axo cabria gloves palm

For five whole years of XC mountain bike racing, I used the same pair of gloves. Pretty cool, huh? Getting durable gloves saved me quite a bit of money in the long run, which is why I became a huge AXO fan after my experience with these AXO Cabria long finger gloves.

When I first started riding, probably 75% of my cycling clothing came from the clearance deals at Nashbar.com. So these gloves were a no-brainer at $15.

I ended up using these gloves for years of XC racing abuse. It’s not like I was racing DH every day, but I wrecked plenty of times, and these gloves saved my hands each time. Surprisingly, the gloves endured it all with just some scuffs and normal wear and tear over the years.

After a couple years, the leather palm began to wear thin and the rubber grippers on the fingers (for enhanced braking) wore off, but it took five years of use before the index finger on one glove opened up enough to get annoying. (The other glove has no rips at all!)

I actually still use the gloves for lawn mowing and yard work!

That’s because they were awesome all-around. As I’ve explained, they’re durable. They’re also very comfortable. Not silky soft or super light, but AXO just knows how to make the perfect fitting glove. The terry thumb was awesome for wiping sweat (or snot,) as it was large and soft.

Another comfort feature was the neoprene over the backs of your knuckles. It was soft and conformed to my hand perfectly.

As for using the glove, the grip was just right. The palm was just thick enough to protect my skin, which made for a good grip on the bar. And there were little rubber strips on the index and middle fingers to enhance grip on the brake levers.

Padding on the back of the glove was minimal, so don’t plan on using this for DH or motocross!

If I had to complain about anything, I’d say these were a little on the warm side, even though the palm looks like it’s made of mesh. The warmth wasn’t a problem, but if most of your riding consists of XC races on hot, humid summer days, you might want to find a lighter, better ventilated glove.

axo cabria gloves

My final verdict is…

These are good gloves that held up for five years. At $15, they were an amazing value. If they were still available, I’d probably buy them again. (I don’t think the Cabria is made any more, but my next pair of gloves will almost certainly be from AXO.)

I personally love AXO gloves! After trying out various gloves from Fox, Pryme, Cannondale, etc., AXO always comes out on top. They are high quality and have the perfect fit, I can’t ask for anything more.

Official website: www.axo.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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