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adidas adistar glove palm

Cycling gloves are a nice little luxury to keep your hands comfortable while riding, and it’s fun to get new ones because that new padding makes the ride feel so much better.

But sometimes gloves are a big disappointment, so you have to be careful. Luckily for me, these cool looking Adidas Adistar half-finger gloves look and feel great. (Plus, the blue color is a perfect match for my USPS color scheme Trek road bike.)

Here is what I like about the gloves:

Padding. These gloves have an ample amount of padding, but still maintain a low profile. The padding is fairly dense and feels great, doing a lot with just a little.

For shorter, more intense races, I still prefer my gloves with no padding on the palm, but these are great for everyday riding. (I’ve done 4+ hour rides in these without a problem.) There is enough padding for comfort, but you can still grip the bar fairly well.

adidas adistar gloves

Half-finger. The half-finger design allows for plenty of airflow, keeping my hands cool on hot days. Plus, my fingers have more dexterity when uncovered (for opening energy bar wrappers, pushing cyclocomputer buttons, etc.)

Velcro closure. I love this – these gloves have a very small Velcro closure tab, with no extra material around your wrist. This low-profile style adds tons of comfort, not to mention it eliminates interference with wristwatches, and since you get more sun on your wrists, your tan line won’t be as weird.

Weight. With that low-profile design and just enough padding, these gloves are very lightweight.

Terry cloth thumb. You never appreciate the terry cloth thumb until you wipe your nose with rough leather! The terry cloth thumb on these gloves is great for wiping sweat off your brow and for wiping your nose.

Any road cycling glove worth using will have a terry cloth thumb!

Comfort. A combination of the lightweight, ventilation, and the small Velcro closure, plus the stretchy spandex back, make this glove very comfortable overall.

The only thing I don’t like is…

Sometimes my palm seems to slip alongside the inside of the glove. This usually only happens when I first start a ride, and it never mattered unless I was sprinting, but it was a little disconcerting at first. (Note: this sensation went away after washing the gloves a few times.)

adidas half-finger cycling gloves

My final verdict is…

These Adidas gloves are currently my favorite road gloves I’ve ever worn. They are a great value (I think I paid $15 for them), and they just plain work.

I have been and will continue to use them on all my training rides. If you need some half-finger road gloves, grab a pair of these.

Official website: www.Adidas.com

Buy online: www.PerformanceBike.com

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