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axo 445 gloves

I go through quite a few pairs of gloves, so whenever I find any cool looking AXO gloves on sale, I usually grab them. One pair I bought recently were the AXO 445 gloves. They looked cool, cost a mere $12, and they’re black, so I got em.

Funny thing was, they turned out to be mechanic’s gloves! They’re not riding gloves!

Despite looking and sounding like riding gloves online, the packaging told a different story! They are made for mechanics. But not just that, they’re geared towards motorcycle mechanics. (Mechanic’s gloves don’t work well for bicycle mechanics dealing with very small and light parts.)

Nevertheless, I tried these out on my mountain bike…


These gloves are decently comfortable. They’re kind of thick, which made them suck in the summer, but they turned into a decent cool weather MTB glove.

I’m not a fan of big Velcro straps on gloves, but the closure tab on these gloves wasn’t bad. It didn’t create pressure points around my wrist, so I didn’t notice it at all while riding.

I rode in the 445 gloves once for a four hour ride, and they did the job, but I’d take the AXO Kicker over these for sure when it comes to riding gloves.


Most gloves have little grippers on the fingers, but these gloves actually have grippy material all over the palm. Unfortunately, this grip did not help keep hold of the brake levers. Even worse, the palm was so grippy it would stick to the handlebar grip, making it harder to change hand positions.

So the grip is great, but not for cycling. It will work great for driving a car or for handling motorcycle parts, though. (The glove is made for motorcycle mechanics, so in that case, the glove works great.)

For bike mechanics, these might help sometimes, like if you’re removing pedals or something big like that. For small adjustments, messing with hex bolts, etc., you won’t get the dexterity you need.


I only use these gloves every so often for mechanic work. I have used them for over a year, though, and they’re not showing any major signs of wear and tear.

wearing axo 445 glove

My final verdict is…

I wouldn’t buy these unless you happen to be a motorcycle mechanic. Since it didn’t mention this in the PricePoint.com product description, I’ll say it here – these are NOT cycling gloves!*

Official website: www.AXO.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

*To be fair to PricePoint, I should also mention that no other online retailer, not even the official AXO website, mentions that these are mechanic gloves! It is only on the packaging that it mentions this fact.

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