No, I’m not talking about choosing a holiday season dessert. I’m talking about those bike rides in frigid temperatures… where it’s almost too cold to eat but you have to eat to survive…

What can you eat when it is literally freezing cold?

First, here’s what you can’t eat: Powerbars.

Powerbars are great in mild weather, but at extremes, you don’t want to touch them! In the cold, Powerbars will freeze and you might (literally) break your teeth! They are impossible to chew – don’t bother trying!

In the winter you want an energy bar that is light and crispy. You have some options, such as the Powerbar Harvest bars, Detour Biker bars, and Clif Luna bars. Energy gels are even better.

But there is something else that works well. What could it be?


snickers candy bar


1. They are edible in the cold. I actually prefer eating them cold.

2. They taste good. You can’t eat bland cardboard bars year round!

3. They’re cheap. (Like 33 cents each!)

4. They are packed with calories.

If I’m riding outside in the winter, I’m probably not doing insane intervals. And if I’m not doing anything intense, I can stomach junk food, like Snickers. It’s like a reward for getting outside and riding!

So yeah, they aren’t the healthiest thing (not by a long shot), but I’m willing to make the sacrifice to save my teeth!

Hungry? Grab a Snickers.

Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov

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  1. Now, this is a first. A health/fitness dude promoting junk food!

    I’ll have my Snickers, sir! Thank you

  2. I believe it was published in some magazine that Snickers packs much more of a punch than any gel or bar, ounce for ounce. That’s probably due to the high fat, but that’s not really an issue during slow winter rides.

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