As if it wasn’t hard enough to train for a race, drive there, and keep your mind focused on race strategy, there’s another obstacle thrown in… packing everything into your car! You have to pack your bike and clothes for the race, plus everything else you may or may not need before, during, and after the race.

If you throw stuff in at the last minute, yes, it’s hard. But with some planning beforehand, you can pack everything you need without worry. Just create a checklist of everything you need.

Don’t worry, I’ve posted mine below. Feel free to use it.

___ Bike

___ Water bottles (filled)

___ Seat bag
      – spare tube
      – tire levers
      – CO2 inflator
      – mini-tool

___ Helmet

___ Sunglasses

___ Jersey

___ Undershirt (optional)

___ Gloves

___ Shorts

___ Socks

___ Shoes with cleats

___ Energy bar and/or gel

___ Change of clothes

___ Post-race food and water

___ First-aid kit

___ Bike lock (optional)

___ Camera (optional)

___ Towel

___ Baby wipes

___ Money

___ Registration form and/or license

___ Floor pump (for topping off your tires)

___ Stationary trainer (for warmup)

To make things easier, I suggest printing out a copy of the checklist and checking off items as you pack them into your car.

Want to download and print out a fancy copy of this in PDF format? Just click here. (Right-click + “save as” to save it to your computer.)


Prefer to race off-road? Then see our MTB Race Equipment Checklist.

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