Packing for a mountain bike race can be more nerve racking than the race itself! You have to make sure you have everything you need (or might need) for before, during, and after the race, all packed neatly in your car. Bike, clothes, tools, food, water, everything!

Back when I first switched to clipless pedals, I drove off without my shoes a few times! I’ve been pretty good since then though… thanks to always checking my “MTB Race Equipment Checklist” before leaving!

Since it has helped me so much, I’ve decided to include it here for you to use as well. I suggest printing it out and checking off the items as you load them into your car.

___ Bike

___ Water bottles (filled)

___ CamelBak or Seat bag
      – spare tube
      – tire levers
      – CO2 inflator
      – mini-tool

___ Helmet

___ Sunglasses

___ Jersey

___ Undershirt (optional)

___ Gloves

___ Shorts

___ Socks

___ Shoes with cleats

___ Energy gel

___ Change of clothes

___ Post-race food and water

___ First-aid kit

___ Bike lock (optional)

___ Camera (optional)

___ Towel

___ Baby wipes

___ Money

___ Registration form and/or license

___ Light (for evening/night races)

___ Floor pump (just in case)

Now just keep this checklist with you and use it every time you pack for a race. (Don’t forget the checklist though!)

Want to print out a nicely formatted PDF copy of this list? Just click here and download one for free. (Right click + “save as” to save it to your computer.)

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