gift idea for fathers day

It’s almost Father’s Day, which means summer is nearly here. So everyone should have a reason to celebrate!

If that means presents, then here are some excellent gift ideas for your cyclist dad that are also perfectly timed for the summer!

It’s great to have a holiday like this, right in the heart of riding season, when you can actually get cycling gifts to be used outdoors immediately (unlike the holiday season where you might get something ideal for summer biking, but can’t put it to use!)

Bar-Ista Coffee Cup Holder

barista coffee cup holder for your handlebar

The Bar-Ista is perfect for a bike commuter coffee lover. This contraption holds a coffee cup or mug on the handlebar, so it’s within easy reach.

It’s very simple, yet clever, and very well-made. It has a taper to it to match the taper of a typical coffee cup, and it’s rubber-lined for greater support. A coffee cup simply slides in and out of this holder, allowing you to sip coffee while riding.

The one catch is that you do need to know the handlebar size to choose the proper clamp size on this device. You have to choose small or large (small fits 22-26 mm diameter handlebars; large fits 26-31.8 mm diameter).

This item is made by Portland Design Works and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Buy on Amazon or REI.

(Bonus points if you pair it with a spill-proof reusable coffee mug!)

Spurcycle Bell

spurcycle bike bell in raw finish

Another choice great for bike commuters is this Spurcycle bike bell. (But really, everyone should have a bell on their bike! The functionality of the bell is to be considerate of other cyclists and other trail users.)

The beauty of this bell is just that – it’s a beauty! It looks great, sounds great, and is very ergonomic. It’s a great upgrade, so don’t shy away from this just because the gift recipient has a bell already.

Now if they don’t have a bell, this is a no brainer! A bell is a must-have for riding on shared use trails and also useful for all mountain biking and road cycling paths/lanes.

Made in the USA. Available in raw and black finishes. (I think the “raw” finish is a particularly nice touch on gravel bikes and classic touring bikes.)

$59 in raw; $69 in black

Buy on Amazon or REI.

Foldylock Clipster

foldylock clipster bike lock in packaging

Like bike bells, bike locks aren’t particularly exciting. But I think this example might spark joy!

The Foldylock Clipster is a wearable folding bike lock. Instead of attaching it to the bike frame, you can clip it to your belt or backpack. It’s a versatile clip – I saw someone even clip it to a water bottle cage instead of wearing it.

The main attraction though is that it’s wearable, so it’s easy to carry and use no matter what bike you are riding.

It’s such a good all-around lock. Plenty of U-locks are more secure, but they are heavy and require a dedicated frame mount. There are cheaper and lighter locks, but they offer little security, and they’re usually annoying to carry and to use.

This fantastic lock is made by Seatylock. They make folding bike locks and other accessories. This one is particularly neat because it is so versatile and user-friendly.


Buy on Amazon or direct from Seatylock.

Chrome Buran Messenger Bag

If your dad likes to commute by bike but hasn’t found the right messenger bag, this is the one. Chrome is the new name in messenger bags, and this one in particular is a bike commuter’s dream – it sits perfectly on your back when riding, and it’s fully waterproof. It says, “yeah, I’ll ride 20 miles to the office each and every morning, in any weather conditions.”

It sure ain’t cheap, but it’s built to last (and guaranteed for life).


Buy on Amazon.

Personalized bar ends

custom bar end plugs by kustomcaps

Personalized bar ends are sort of like cuff links – but for a bike. They can be elegant and classy or add a touch of flair.

These are generally available in two sizes – one for mountain bike handlebars and one for road bike handlebars.

You get to choose the cap color, bolt color, and two lines of text. So you can add a personalized message, and choose the colors that will best match or complement the bike frame and/or other accessories.

One company that’s been doing this for a while is called Kustom Caps. I also recently found another one called Dispatch Custom Cycling Components.

$30 and up

Place your order for personalized bar ends with Kustom Caps or Dispatch. and

The Rehook PLUS Multi-tool

rehook plus multi-tool grabbing a dropped chain

Chances are, dad has a multi-tool already. Maybe multiple multi-tools. But even if it’s a really good one like the Crank Brothers Multi 17, this new one is super cool and different!

It’s called the Rehook PLUS Multi-tool. It has 11 tools in one, and the centerpiece is the “rehook” tool.

You use the “rehook” piece to grab onto your chain and avoid getting your hands dirty. So if you drop your chain, you can hook it with this tool and reposition it. Or if you have a fix a flat on the rear tire, you can use this to hold your chain out of the way of the gears during the wheel removal and installation.

At just under 6″ long, it’s bigger than other tools, but should still be small enough to fit in your saddle bag or jersey pocket.

Made in the UK.


Buy on Amazon or directly from Rehook.

*While you’re at it, check out the Rehook Tyre Glider – what they’re calling “the evolution of tire levers.”

Ass Saver Clip-on Mud Guard

The perfect accessory for any cyclist who does not run full fenders on their bike: the original clip-on mud guard from Ass Savers.

What this does is provides just enough protection to keep your butt dry in wet weather. And that keeps your butt way more comfortable! It’s not about keeping your bike or jersey clean; it’s about keeping your butt happy – very important on a long ride!

This miniature fender is small and light, and it offers tool-free attachment. So you can slip it in place at the last minute when you’re getting ready to ride and there’s a surprise rain shower in the forecast. With the FLIP-TIP™ attachment system, you slide the mudguard beneath the saddle into position, then simply fold up the tip of the Ass Saver and it will securely lock to the saddle rails.

The regular version is best suited for road bikes with tires 23-35 mm wide. It might not provide enough coverage for the wider tires on gravel bikes. Fortunately, there is a “big” version, suitable for tire widths between 30-50 mm.


Buy on Amazon.

Earth’s Care Pain Relieving Ointment

earth's care pain relieving ointment

Dad is going to be sore from long work days, playing with the kids, or getting a tough workout in. Or all of the above.

This muscle balm soothes sore and tired muscles with active ingredients like camphor, menthol, and wintergreen. Maybe it’s not as great as a professional massage, but it’s quick relief right there in the bottle, whenever he needs it. (And you’re not going to get a massage for this price!)


Buy on Amazon or direct from Earth’s Care.

MAXX Cobra HD Sunglasses

MAXX sunglasses are the hidden gem of sports sunglasses. I’ve never seen other endurance athletes wearing them, but I’ve seen them in other sports.

They’re very nice, and my uncle swears by them – he even prefers them to his Oakleys! And guess what – they only cost $20! (You could buy seven or eight pairs of these with different color lenses for the price of one pair of Oakleys!) On top of that, they have an excellent warranty! (Break the arm off? They’ll send you new ones!)

MAXX makes lots of different models, but I like the Cobra which blends both style and functionality. It should work for most men, for both running and cycling. Want something a little more sporty but not too obnoxious? Try the half-frame Stealth 2.0.

While these might not be perfect for cycling, and perhaps your dad already has some $250 sunglasses for cycling, it doesn’t hurt to have a spare pair of sunglasses lying around.

It’s a reasonably priced gift that will seem like you spent big bucks!


Buy on Amazon.

Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Socks are a lame gift, right? No way! At least, not if you do it right. This is your chance to buy something super comfortable and luxurious that a practical dad would never spend the money on.

Since not all adventures occur on two wheels, make sure dad is prepared for anything with these wool socks.

For $20 or less, Darn Tough wool hiking socks make the perfect gift for a burly mountain man, but are equally applicable to any runner or cyclist. You can get just about any color, style, or amount of cushioning you want. And they are guaranteed for life. (I’ve been wearing these socks for a while and I’ve found them to be “darn tough,” literally.)

Garden of Flavor Organic, Cold-Pressed Juices

You want dad to be healthy, but you can’t give him a lame bottle of vitamins. How about refreshing, cold-pressed juice instead? These juices from Garden of Flavor contain essential vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and living enzymes in an effort to restore the body with key nutrients.

Consider Twisted Roots (beet juice), Mean Greens (kale, spinach, etc.), or White Knight (a cashew nut mylk). With names like those, no wonder this brand is more appealing to men than your typical juice cleanse!

You can find these at Whole Foods and some smaller retailers, and yes, you can even order these online, in case you can’t find them locally. Be prepared though – this isn’t your typical bottled juice, so it carries a premium price tag!

$65 (six pack)

Tile Trackers

The Tile is a small, coin-sized device that easily attaches to your valuable items so that you can track them down if the need arises. It’s essentially a GPS tracking chip (technically it uses bluetooth), but it pairs with a smartphone app to find your stuff if it’s ever lost or stolen. The community of app users can even help you track down your missing items!

The chip can be placed on a key chain, in your wallet or briefcase, on a dog collar, or it could potentially be placed inside a bicycle frame. (Anyone who has ever had their bicycle stolen would appreciate this!) Tile has released a few different shapes and sizes of their trackers for different needs.

At only $25-35 each, the Tile is fairly inexpensive and could certainly pay for itself if it helps you recover even just one lost/stolen item! Compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Excellent for the high-tech dad who can’t remember where he put his car keys.


Buy on Amazon.


The new SHAKEDRY™ material removes the need for a face fabric, making it the lightest and most breathable GORE-TEX® product to date. This balance of protection and comfort allows the wearer to leave the garment on – rain or shine. And because it will not absorb water, the garment can simply be shaken dry.

The C5 jacket, available in black or a black/neon yellow combo, is designed specifically for cycling. This jacket is completely waterproof, lightweight, and packable, making it deserving of the premium price tag.


Pactimo Quick Release Changing Kilt

cyclist using the pactimo quick release changing kilt

So much easier than standing in a parking lot with a towel wrapped around your waist!

This changing kilt uses a silicone gripper and a low-profile velcro closure to keep it in place so you don’t have to worry about flashing your friends or strangers!



What NOT to buy

Some items are probably overdone. He might have too many already or you might be buying duplicates. For example, cycling socks. You’ve probably bought him many pairs already! I think the Park Tool pizza cutter and bottle opener fall into this category, too. They’re too obvious.

Some things are best left for a cyclist to buy for themselves. Things like chamois cream – that’s a very personal decision and potentially an awkward conversation!

Even cycling gloves, which seem like a great gift idea, are quite personal and can be hard to size.

Then there are more expensive items like power meters and GPS units. Unless you know exactly what he wants, I would avoid gifting any type of bike computer.


For the comments:

What do you think of these ideas? Would you want this stuff?

Also, please feel free to share the favorite father’s day gift you’ve received!


This article was originally published on June 21, 2015. It was updated and republished on June 1, 2022.

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