dropped cyclist trying to catch up

Not too long ago, I wrote about how to conserve energy so you could ride in a fast group and not get dropped.

But what do you do if you’re in the really fast group, like when racing an intense criterium, and you do get dropped? What do you do if your legs just can’t hack it, but you don’t want to look like I wimp?

You use this advice I picked up from Greg Lemond a few years back…

Greg was telling the story of his comeback after the hunting accident, and what he did when he got back into racing. He was coming back into form, but was not at 100%, so even he would get dropped on occasion.

His sage advice was, “If you get dropped, just pretend you got a flat tire!”

That is hilarious!

To pull off this strategy, I recommend swerving a little bit after slowing down, looking at one of your tires, swearing, and making angry hand gestures. Make sure you use whatever energy you have left to go into a fit of rage to really sell the “fact” that you got a flat tire and dropped out!

(And don’t ride too close to any spectators or they might realize you don’t actually have a flat tire.)

Of course, you need to get back into hard training shortly after this stunt, so that you don’t get dropped every race! This wouldn’t make a good strategy if you have to use it more than once or twice, but if you’re having a rare bad day, it might just work.

Photo Credit: Jeff Werner

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