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Tested: SweatHawg Skull Cap

Do you sweat like crazy? As in, so much that no skull cap or headband has ever been enough to prevent the sweat from running into your eyes? That’s how it was for me. I tried all the skull caps from top brands, finally settling on one

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Tested: The SweatHawg Helmet Liner

Why are there so many new skull caps, sweat bands, and helmet liners being developed each year? Because it’s so dang hard to solve the simple problem of keeping sweat out of your eyes! There are so many options, but it seems like there is at least

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Tested: CrownWear Ultimate Head Liner

I already own quite a few skull caps and headbands, but it seems there’s always something different out there. One of those things is the CrownWear Ultimate Head Liner. Here is my review…

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Tested: Nashbar Polypro Skull Cap

Skull caps are a nice cycling accessory for all seasons, either for keeping your ears warm or keeping sweat out of your eyes. Here is a cheap skull cap to keep you warm in the winter.

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How to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes

The days are hot, you sweat, and the sweat drips into your eyes. It stings your eyes and smears on your glasses. Helmet pads just aren’t enough to soak up all the sweat. You can’t stop sweating, but you can keep the sweat out of your eyes. Here’s how…

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Tested: SweatVac Ventilator Cap

I absolutely hate sweat running down into my eyes. First, it stings. Second, it destroys my contacts. Third, it creates nasty streaks on my sunglasses which impair my vision. So I have purchased multiple headbands and skull caps to conquer this problem, and one of my favorites is the SweatVac Ventilator cap…

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Tested: Headsweats Coolmax Skull Cap

As soon as I started riding seriously, one of the first cycling specific pieces of gear I purchased was this Headsweats coolmax skull cap. That’s because I quickly realized how much sweat pours down my face, which sucks, so I had to do something about it.

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