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I already own quite a few skull caps and headbands, but it seems there’s always something different out there. One of those things is the CrownWear Ultimate Head Liner.

It looks like a regular skull cap, but it’s supposed to serve two purposes. Not just to keep sweat out of your eyes, but also to keep your hats and helmets clean.

crownwear headliner filtration

How does that work? Well, the inner layer (“comfort layer”) is made of silk so it’s comfortable on your head, and the outer layer (“filtration layer”) is tightly woven cotton. Apparently, sweat, oil, and dirt are trapped between the layers, meaning they can’t ruin your hat or helmet.

This sounds like a great idea if you’re wearing a fancy, commemorative, collector’s edition, one of a kind baseball cap. But if you’re wearing a cycling helmet, who cares?

Honestly, I don’t care if my helmet gets sweaty. It’s bound to get sweaty, muddy, faded from the sun, and possibly cracked, no matter what I’m wearing underneath it. And the helmet’s lifespan isn’t all that long anyway.

I just want to keep sweat out of my eyes! So, with that mindset, here is my review…

crownwear headliner

First, the cap looks great. It has a nice, understated look – less flashy than most cycling apparel. The embroidered logo is a nice touch, too.

You can really tell it is a well-made, quality product. I’ve only had it 3-4 weeks, but it is made in the USA, and all you have to do is look at the seams and stitching to see how solid it is. Everything is tight and perfectly joined together – I could probably wear it for a year without so much as a thread coming loose.

That’s a good thing, because price-wise, at $23, it is the most expensive skull cap I have.

This CrownWear is also comfortable. The silk is really soft against your head, and I couldn’t feel any seams pressed against my head. It’s probably slightly more comfortable than my other skull caps, although my other caps are not uncomfortable by any means.

The cap is also rather thick. It is definitely thicker than my SweatVac and a tad thicker than the SweatHawg too; it’s more similar to my Nashbar cold weather skull cap, actually.

The thickness worries me, because it blocks the refreshing air flow through my helmet vents. I like that air flow, which is why I normally stick with headbands or thin Coolmax skull caps. With the CrownWear, I just didn’t feel any cool air hitting my scalp.

On the flip side, a thicker skull cap usually holds onto more sweat before getting saturated (and thus letting sweat drip into your eyes.)

wearing crownwear headliner

In all my testing, I was unable to get the cap soaked with enough sweat that it would become saturated and let sweat drip into my eyes!

I tested this a few times when out running, riding, and lawn mowing. Not one time did I actually sweat enough to get the cap saturated with sweat. The cap always soaked up my sweat, and not a drop ended up on my sunglasses.

I was getting annoyed at this, because I was testing in August, and the temps were rather cool (unlike July which was ridiculously hot!) We’re talking 75 degrees in the afternoon! So I wasn’t sweating as much as I would have liked.

Then September gets here and temps hit 87 degrees! Not wanting to risk my last hot testing day, I soaked the head liner in the sink pre-ride. This way, it was already saturated. I went out and did some hill intervals for an hour, and you know what? I didn’t notice a single drop of sweat running down my face!

After the ride, my body was absolutely covered in sweat! It was like I just stepped out of a swimming pool. Yet, this CrownWear Ultimate Head Liner was holding onto every last drop of forehead sweat!

So the cotton might not dry out that fast, and it doesn’t allow for air flow, but it definitely holds onto sweat!

My final verdict is…

In the end, the CrownWear Ultimate Head Liner is a well-made product that did a spectacular job of keeping sweat out of my eyes. However, it was too thick (and warm) for me. I still prefer the thin Coolmax skull caps when it comes to cycling. They keep sweat out of my eyes and let air flow onto my head, so I can’t see a reason to use something different.

I’ll probably save this for running or motorcycle riding, perhaps ice hockey.

Official website: www.CrownWear.com

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  1. I wear one EVERY time I mountain bike and road bike and I love it!

  2. @Kyle

    If I had invented the product, I’d probably wear it 24/7 🙂

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