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sweatvac ventilator skullcap

I absolutely hate sweat running down into my eyes. First, it stings. Second, it destroys my contacts. Third, it creates nasty streaks on my sunglasses which impair my vision.

So I have purchased multiple headbands and skull caps to conquer this problem, and one of my favorites is the SweatVac Ventilator cap.

At first I didn’t see the need for the SweatVac cap, since I already had plenty of headgear, but once I got a white helmet, I figured I should have a white skull cap to match! Since the SweatVac Ventilator Cap looked really cool, and was on sale for $15, I grabbed one.

And it was even better than expected…

Technology and Construction – The first thing I noticed about this skull cap was the advanced construction. Instead of a single layer of Coolmax, SweatVac uses multi-layer technology, so there are basically two layers (TRANSPOR dry layer and DriSmart Performance Fabric) to this cap. The inner layer channels moisture away from the skin to the wicking outer layer where it evaporates.

It’s kind of like having an extra sweatband built inside the cap.

sweatvac ventilator skullcap

Fit and Comfort – As soon as I placed this cap on my head, I knew it was the one for me! It slid down nicely; I could pull the cap down snug and it would sit just above my ears!

The Ventilator cap feels great, even under a helmet. It seems to have a better fit than other skullcaps I’ve used (perhaps it’s a bit more round.)

Performance – The layering system mentioned earlier is nice because it keeps your skin dry and comfortable even though you are still sweating. You keep sweating, it keeps transporting that sweat away.

The nice thing with skull caps is that they take longer to saturate with sweat than a headband, although at some point most of them will get saturated and start to drip a little. (So even if it’s 95 degrees, it can be more comfortable to cover your whole head.)

But the SweatVac Ventilator blows away the competition. I have only used it for one season, but on no occasion has it let me down. It just keeps wicking the sweat and evaporating it.

Having the more open mesh (the black layer) on top is great, too. It allows more air to hit your scalp, making good use of your helmet’s air vents.

Durability – I have used this cap for about three months now, and so far there has not been a single durability issue.

sweatvac ventilator skullcap white

My final verdict is…

The SweatVac Ventilator cap gets a very high recommendation from me. It beat out my Headsweats coolmax skull cap, and for many years it was certainly my favorite piece of summer headgear. If you are thinking about getting a skull cap or headband, this is a wonderful choice.

But there is a better choice out there now, and it’s called the Sweat Hawg.

Official website: www.SweatVac.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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Reviewed by: Coach Levi
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Date last updated: 2015-08-06
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  1. Quick question for you (I may be overthinking this entirely too much) I have a black Giro helmet and was thinknig it would look cool to have a black one underneath, but my question is would this make me even more hot when out riding during the summer? I was thinking that a solid white one might keep me cooler. I live in Dallas and it is usually 80 degrees in the mornings and 100 during the day.

  2. @Andrew

    I’ve only done a few big runs and rides in the 95-105 degree range, so I don’t have a whole lot of personal experience, but…

    I don’t think the small bit of black fabric added to your head will make much (if any) difference, especially considering most of it is already hidden under a black helmet.

    White would technically be better for reflecting sun/heat as you mentioned, but practically speaking, I think the black one would be fine.

  3. I’m looking for a solution to vent sunburn on my balding head. Have you had any issues with sunburn through the little vents on the top?

  4. @Andrew

    I think the mesh on top is dense enough to prevent sunburns. I haven’t had any issues with it.

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