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nashbar polypro skull cap

The skull cap has always been a part of my summer wardrobe, but for winter riding, I typically stuck with balaclavas. But balaclavas are best for bitter cold and can be overkill at say, 35-45 degrees F.

So I’d wear my fleece ear band on these cool days, but that left my scalp exposed! I could couple the fleece ear band with a mesh skull cap, but that was not very comfortable, nor very warm.

So I purchased a Nashbar polypro skull cap designed for these cold days. It was on sale for $9 over the summer, so that’s a pretty sweet deal, especially when you consider my Coolmax skull caps were $12-15 each.

The cap is very thin, so it fits easily under my helmet. It seems nearly as thin as my SweatVac cap, and it’s probably ten times thinner than a regular fleece winter cap. I think it’s even thinner than the Nashbar polypro ear band I have!

But despite that, it’s warm. It covers my head and pulls down to cover my ears completely, which is the best part. No wind on my scalp and no frozen ears!

It’s not the best when it comes to comfort, but it’s comfy enough. This has a thin fleece-like layer next to your skin, and then a waterproof-like layer on the outside. Obviously this is not as comfy as a thick, soft fleece beanie, but it’s a trade off – those are thick and wouldn’t fit under a helmet.

My biggest complaint is that the ends kind of dig into the bottoms of my ears and the sides of my face. That’s annoying, but you forget about it after a few minutes.

It might take a ride or two to get used to wearing a tight cap, but you’ll get used to it. And I have to pull it tight to get it to stay down over my ears, but once my helmet is on, it holds the cap in place.

That about wraps it up, but one last thing I want to point out is a possible danger of this type of cap. Even when properly tightened, the slippery outer fabric allows my helmet to slide around my head when bumped ever so slightly. This doesn’t deter me from wearing it, since the same thing happens with most other winter head coverings, but it’s something I thought I should point out.

My final verdict is…

Skull caps are great for winter riding, and this one is pretty good (best when on sale for $9.) I’ve been wearing it during the Fall/Winter season of 2008 and plan to keep wearing it through the Spring of 2009.

I think this one is great because it’s cheap, and I only need it for a few months out of the year. If I needed it more often, I might buy something more expensive, but this one is good enough for me!

Official website: www.Nashbar.com

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  1. Note: The newer “Nashbar Thermal Skull Cap” looks even better! It’s constructed with multiple panels for a better fit. And I see it’s selling for only $6.99.

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