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With temperatures dropping around the country, it’s a good time to make sure you have everything you need to stay warm. And a sure-fire bet for staying warm in the winter is wool cycling clothing.

Socks, gloves, base layers, and even cycling shorts and jerseys made from wool can be found online. You can find gear for both winter and summer seasons.

Here is a list of who’s doing wool garments and where you can buy them:

The Best Wool Bike Gear

1. Boure

Boure is an outdoor apparel company owned by mountain bike legend Ned Overend. They make just about everything you need for a cycling outfit, plus some Nordic skiing gear – and the gear is manufactured in Durango, CO.

Their line of wool cycling garments includes: short- and long-sleeve jerseys, a long-sleeve base layer, shorts, socks, and a skull cap.

The socks run a moderate $12, but the shorts and jerseys are well over $100 each.

Link: www.boure.com

2. DeFeet

DeFeet is a popular sock manufacturer in the cycling community, making socks and other accessories such as arm warmers.

Their sock lineup includes quite a few wool socks, such as the WoolEator and the Woolie Boolie, but they also offer wool liner gloves, arm warmers, and knee warmers.

Link: www.defeet.com

3. Isadore

At Isadore, we love Merino wool. It is the base of most of our jerseys, baselayers, jackets.

Expect to pay around $60 for a baselayer and $160 for a nice jersey.

Link: isadore.com

4. Hincapie Sportswear

Hincapie Sportswear was created by, who else, George Hincapie. They make a line of high-end cycling apparel, with some wool items to keep you warm.

The wool products include base layers, arms warmers, gloves, and socks.

Link: www.hincapie.com

5. Ibex

Ibex outdoor clothing is great because they are dedicated to wool, so if there’s something you want in wool, they probably have it.

While browsing their store, I found some very cool styles and designs of base layers, plus the shorts, jerseys, arm warmers, and leg warmers you’d expect.

The cheapest product I saw was the $40 arm warmers, and the most expensive were the $150-200 sweaters and long-sleeve jerseys.

Link: www.ibex.com

6. Torm

TØRM supply premium quality Merino Sportwool cycling jerseys, base layers and accessories in an understated, classic style for Men and Ladies. We are a deliberately small British company, two people who also run the local bike shop.

Link: www.torm.cc

7. SmartWool

SmartWool has been around a while and is probably the most popular wool clothing brand for outdoors men. They offer so many items that I’m not even going to try to list them all.

But there’s one cool thing to know – SmartWool garments are washer and dryer safe!

Link: www.smartwool.com

8. Wabi Woolens

Wabi Woolens is a small manufacturer of wool jerseys based in cycling mecca Portland, OR. Their Merino wool jerseys are made right here in the USA.

The product line is simple – there are long sleeve cycling jerseys, and long sleeve adventure jerseys. (The only difference is that the cycling jerseys have three rear pockets.) I’ve always liked the idea of “do one thing and do it right,” and it looks like Wabi Woolens is doing a good job of that.

Link: www.wabiwoolens.com

9. Walz Caps

Walz Caps are traditional cycling caps, individually sewn in the United States, with your satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

Cap materials vary, but one of them is wool. They offer wool cycling caps with or without ear flaps for $30 or $25.

Link: walzcaps.com

10. Icebreaker

Based in New Zealand, Icebreaker offers many types of wool garments, from casual clothing and underwear to performance athletic apparel.

Link: icebreaker.com

11. Showers Pass

Long known for their incredible rain jackets, Showers Pass recently began offering a line of Bamboo-Merino Henley shirts. Fine Bamboo fibers offer a soft feel inside the garment, while also offering a cool-to-the-touch feeling. In addition, Merino wool fibers on the face of the shirt provide warmth and prevent odors through high output outdoor activities. You can use it as a base layer or a stand-alone shirt, and it’s stylish enough to be worn off the bike as well!

Link: showerspass.com

Those are the companies I know.

You should be served well by wool cycling clothing from any of these companies, but remember one thing – wool is expensive, so take good care of it!


Closed or Out of Business

These companies used to be on the list.

Earth, Wind, and Rider

Earth, Wind, and Rider is an eco-conscious company offering short- and long-sleeve cycling jerseys for men and women.

Prices are in the $120 range.

Link: www.earthwindandrider.com

Jones Wares

Joneswares is another small wool clothing manufacturer based here in the USA. They make gear for cycling, running, and outdoor use.

They actually offer a wide ranging selection of garments. For example, their wool base layers come in tank tops, short sleeve, long sleeve, zipper neck, and turtle neck styles. Then you have the long and short sleeve jerseys, shorts and pants, arm and leg warmers, gloves, caps, and socks.

Link: www.joneswares.com


The interesting thing about Swobo is that not only do they make cycling clothing, they actually make bikes. So if you browse their shop, you’ll see bikes, polyester clothing, and Merino wool.

If you need an urban bicycle or stylish gear, check out Swobo.

Link: www.swobo.com

This article was originally published on November 29, 2008. It was last updated on July 5, 2019.

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  1. I’m a teen entrepreneur and I sell genuine Ear Mitts, totally bandless ear muffs. They don’t come in wool (neither do any others) but they are state-of-the-art and really work well. The best part is that they are so little they fit in a shirt pocket, bike pack, etc. And there is no other head gear in the world that even makes the claim that it can keep your ears warm down to zero degrees, fit under a cap or any helmet, and NOT INTERFERE WITH YOUR HEARING! You can use your iPods, talk on the cell phone, etc.

    Why should anyone be uncomfortable? Check out my website at MittsForYourEars.com

    Oh, my grandma is totally into SmartWool!

  2. Looks like a good product Matthew! Best of luck with those and all your future entrepreneurial adventures!

  3. There are more and more brands that sell (sport)wool cycling garments:

    Rapha is chique and expansive, but very detailed. Torm is the cheaper edition.

  4. @Tiemen

    Torm is one I’ve never heard of. Interesting!

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