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Coach Levi Takes on The Taco Cleanse Diet (Definitely The Best Cleanse Around!)

We are well into the new year (and summer swimsuit season is fast approaching). Are you totally sick of your diet yet? Sick of your juice cleanse? Well then, I have the answer! It’s called The Taco Cleanse. This succeeds where other cleanses fail. A little known

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Book Review: FASTER: The Obsession, Science and Luck Behind the World’s Fastest Cyclists

I always wanted two things during my racing career. One, to get more cute girls cheering me on. And two, to go faster. Generally speaking, I had to go faster in order to get more cheers, so I centered my lifestyle around making myself and my bicycle

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Book Review: Build Your Running Body

It’s not often that a book completely overwhelms me with information. But such was the case with Build Your Running Body, a book by Melissa Breyer, Thomas Schwartz, and Pete Magill. That’s three authors, and 408 pages. And it’s not just a book about training your body.

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Book Review: The New Rules of Lifting for Abs

The New Rules of Lifting for Abs by Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler is one of the newer releases in the popular New Rules of Lifting series. In this one, they’re targeting a very wide range of people – men and women who want a strong core

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Tested: Lose Fat, Not Faith by Jeremy Likness

Whenever a new cycling training manual or sports nutrition book comes out, I like to at least skim through it and see what the new findings are. With all the books out there about cycling, plus running and triathlon books, I rarely get a chance to read general diet and weight loss books. But I’m glad I found this one from Jeremy Likness…

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Coach Levi’s Complete Guide to Off-Season Training for Cyclists

Well the time has finally arrived! Today is the official launch of my new book, The Complete Guide to Off-Season Training for Cyclists. The concept is similar to my free report, An Introduction to Off-Season Training for Cyclists, but it goes much deeper and reveals more secrets.

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