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r4 optimal muscle recovery book

One of the first cycling nutrition books I read was R4 Optimal Muscle Performance and Recovery by Ed Burke. It covered various topics about muscle soreness and recovery and was rather interesting.

It also focused a lot of attention on a certain ratio of protein and carbohydrates which would best refuel your muscles and reduce recovery time. And sure enough, there was a newly launched product out there that used this system! (But we’ll get to that later…)

Remember, back in 2003, all this protein/carb recovery drink business was fairly new. Athletes mostly just drank sports drinks and ate food later in the day to recover. These days, everyone wants a dedicated recovery drink within the “recovery interval” for the best recovery time.

Like I said though, the book was rather interesting. If you’re not at all familiar with muscle recovery, you might want to read some chapters from this book. It will get you thinking because it does have some good insights about general muscle exertion and the recovery process.

You just have to extract that useful data from the rest of the stuff that is about the “R4 sales pitch” … err, the “R4 system.” In hindsight, I can see the book is kind of a sales pitch in disguise.

It mentions Accelerade and Endurox R4 drinks often, as Endorox R4 is based on the R4 recovery ideas in the book. It’s not too awful, but it does make you question whether the book came out to share useful information or to convince you to buy a certain product.

My final verdict is…

Back in 2003, this was a good book to read for more details on muscle recovery in general, and specifically, the protein/carb nutrient mix. However, the topic has been explored so much since this book came out in 2003 that you don’t really need to read it. You’ve probably heard enough from articles online and in cycling magazines.

Just read the sales pitch for Endurox R4 and you’ll pick up most of the info that was in this book.

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