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Tested: Epsoak Epsom Salt

There’s plain, ordinary epsom salt that you can find just about anywhere (and get a huge bag for only a few dollars). Epsoak Epsom Salt… is not that epsom salt! Epsoak is a line of premium epsom salt from the San Francisco Salt Company. What exactly makes

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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Sleep (How to Sleep Better So That You Can Perform Better!)

Tomorrow, March 17, 2017, is World Sleep Day. Why does sleeping get its own worldwide holiday? Unlike power meters and chamois cream and energy seaweed, which are only valued by a select group of athletes, everyone likes to sleep. And sleep is important for everyone. (If you’re

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Tested: Play Again Now Recovery Drink

As much as I never wanted to age past 25, it did give me some hope to see lots of pro cyclists reaching their peaks in their early to mid 30’s. Now that I have reached my early 30’s, though, I’ve realized that must have been due

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Tested: Physicool Cooling Bandage

It’s no secret that ice can reduce swelling and inflammation. It’s part of the RICE formula that’s in health and science textbooks around the country. I’d be surprised to find any athlete who hasn’t iced an injury at least once. From ice cubes in a Ziploc bag

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Ask Levi: Wendy’s Chili for Post-ride Recovery Meal?

Today’s question is about using Wendy’s Chili for a post-ride recovery meal…

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Book Review: R4 Optimal Muscle Performance and Recovery

One of the first cycling nutrition books I read was R4 Optimal Muscle Performance and Recovery by Ed Burke. It covered various topics about muscle soreness and recovery and was rather interesting…

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5 Wonderful Ways To Keep Your Muscles Loose When You Can’t Ride

If you are on an important training and racing schedule, keeping your muscles loose at all times is important…

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Ask Levi: How Do I Get Rid of Sore Muscles?

Most athletes deal with sore muscles on a regular basis. Here are some ideas to ease your sore muscles and speed recovery…

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Ask Levi: How Can I Speed Recovery?

If you have sore leg muscles and need to recovery fast, you could try massage, heat, ice baths, or one of many other tricks. But there is one key to recovery, and that is rest. Rest, plus a healthy lifestyle and diet…

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Ask Levi: Will I Get Back In Shape In Time to Race?

Here is how to get back into your training routine after a forced layoff gave you six weeks of unexpected rest…

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10 Essentials for a Relaxing Yet Productive Recovery Week

Typically, training will be done in four-week cycles where there are three weeks of hard riding followed by a recovery week, where training volume and/or intensity are reduced. But aside from less riding, how do you get the most out of your recovery week?

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