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FAQ: Can You Give Me a Free Training Plan?

A lot of people write in asking for training plans. I give everyone just about the same answer, so if you’re looking for a training plan, please read this…

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Book Review: The Lance Armstrong Performance Program

I started out my cycling career with some workout advice from The Lance Armstrong Performance Program, and the book still provides workout ideas for me. It is a great book for all beginner cyclists.

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What a Typical Training Week Might Look Like

Here is an example training week that a cyclist may include in their training program. Also includes advice about the why and how of setting up your own training plan to improve fitness and get race-ready…

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Tested: Power to the Pedals by Fred Matheny

A review of Fred Matheny’s Power to the Pedals eArticle, which contains a 12-week training plan designed to boost your power output for cycling…

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10 Essentials for a Relaxing Yet Productive Recovery Week

Typically, training will be done in four-week cycles where there are three weeks of hard riding followed by a recovery week, where training volume and/or intensity are reduced. But aside from less riding, how do you get the most out of your recovery week?

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Tested: Graeme Street’s Advanced 12 Week Training Plan

If you are questioning the price of $65 for nothing more than a winter training plan (on top of $200 for the workout DVDs,) you’re not alone. I was right there with you! Even though I realized the value of Cyclo-Core and the other workouts, I was

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