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cyclocore training plans

If you are questioning the price of $65 for nothing more than a winter training plan (on top of $200 for the workout DVDs), you’re not alone. I was right there with you! Even though I realized the value of Cyclo-Core and the other workouts, I was not even close to picking up a training plan to go along with them.

But then I got to see one of these plans – the Advanced Off-Season 12 Week Plan. And the thing is 73 pages! Yep, 73, that’s not a typo. It’s much more than a “training plan.”

The full title is “The Complete 12 Week Cyclo-CORE & Cyclo-ZEN OFF-SEASON CYCLING Training Plan and Guide.” Along with that, there is a good description of “Everything you need to stay in great shape this off-season and accelerate your fitness and cycling performance for next spring.”

Now that is what I was looking for!

So for this review, I just want to give you a feel for what this plan actually is. Aside from the actual day-to-day plan, you’re getting a list of specific on-bike exercises, a guide to using the plan, an overview of training intensity zones, and a training journal so you can record your progress.

First, it tells you the key elements to a good training plan and keeping a successful training schedule. Then there is some gold old fashioned training advice and then explanations for how to use and understand the training plan. On top of that, there is an explanation of each exercise and drill you’ll encounter, along with why it’s important. This plan is much more than “do some intervals then some push-ups.”

After that comes the advice on training intensity, and finally, after 22 pages of training advice, we come to the actual plan. The plan is nicely laid out and I’ll be using it this off-season. (I can’t just give out the details, but once it’s all said and done, I’ll let you know if I get in shape!)

The great part about the on-bike workouts is that you are always doing something. That’s how indoor training should be – full of variety. If you do the same thing for more than a couple minutes, you get bored. This program keeps you focused, so before you know it, the workout is over.

The second half of the plan consists of the training journal, which is nicely laid out to match the plan. If you’ve read my articles about training plans, you already know how important they are!

My final verdict is…

If you have a coach or one of my training plans already, well, you don’t need this plan. But if you are coaching yourself and need some structure for your off-season workouts, and you’re a Cyclo-Core fan, this could be just the ticket. If you have the money, go for it.

You also have the option of picking up a training book, like one from Arnie Baker or Joe Friel. That will give you some workouts, but you will have to prepare the training plan yourself. If you’re willing to put in the work, it does save you about $50.

In the end, it just comes down to what method will get you in shape!

Official website: www.Cyclo-Core.com

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