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epsoak epsom salts

There’s plain, ordinary epsom salt that you can find just about anywhere (and get a huge bag for only a few dollars). Epsoak Epsom Salt… is not that epsom salt!

Epsoak is a line of premium epsom salt from the San Francisco Salt Company. What exactly makes them premium? I don’t know enough about the salt industry to be sure. But what I do know is that their epsom salts come in many different varieties (with quite a few aimed specifically at athletes) and that Tim Ferriss (author of The Four Hour Body) considers it one of his favorite purchases!

Why epsom salt?

First and foremost, so you can have a relaxing bath! I’m sure you’ve heard of bath salts before, even if you aren’t familiar with epsom salt and sea salt baths.

It’s a form of self-care, and you’ll feel good during and after. Most people quit asking “why?” as soon as they try it!

If you’re the inquisitive type, though, you might keep wondering.

Well, how these baths work, scientifically, I’m not sure. And any touted benefits related to removing ‘toxins’ from your body, or your body absorbing magnesium (a vital nutrient), I’m not too sure if any of that holds true.

I think the baths simply feel good, and then people create those logical explanations as attempts to justify the time and expense. When instead, we should all just admit we like to pamper ourselves and we deserve it! 🙂

Just think of it as a relaxing experience, workout recovery, a mental refresher, or an escape!

Oh, and Tom Brady does it! And that guy just can’t stop winning Super Bowls. So there must be something to it!

I’m going to take baths.

When product testing requires nothing more than taking a bath, you know it’s going to be a good day!

The San Francisco Salt Company sent me three bags for testing and evaluation purposes:

  • Original Unscented
  • Sleep Formula
  • Muscle Soak

What are the differences?

The first one is salt and nothing but salt.

The sleep formula contains lavender, which is a relaxing scent. The muscle soak contains eucalyptus and peppermint, which are invigorating scents. So you don’t need any understanding of aromatherapy with these ones. That’s all taken care of. Just pick the one that suits your mood and goals.

Both of these salts also contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, which should help improve your skin health.

Let’s see how they do…

Rejuvenating my muscles with an epsom salt bath

The “muscle soak” obviously sounds the most useful for athletes, and it just so happens to sound the most enticing, based on the scents. I mean, I like the potent scent of muscle rubs, so obviously I’d like this!

epsoak muscle soak

I began testing this during the winter, which is ideal, because it’s the best time of year for a warm bath anyway!

I used it after my first XC ski adventure of the year – two hours skiing the fresh powder after Winter Storm Stella dumped a ton of snow here. And you know you’re going to be very, very sore that first day of the season! (This was actually the first time I had gone cross-country skiing in 13 months!)

So, once I had eaten a nice meal full of carbs and protein for post-workout recovery, I drew a nice warm bath. Then I ripped open the bag of epsom salts and whoa, it smells amazing!

I put two cups of the salt in the bath water. It didn’t dissolve instantly but it was dissolved by the time I got into the tub.

epsoak epsom salt

When I got in, I was waiting for something extraordinary. But you know what the water felt like? Water.

People talk about the luxurious feeling of taking a bath, especially with bath salts, but really, I was sitting in a bath tub with water. That’s my recollection of the experience!

I guess baths to me are more boring than relaxing.

I stayed in the bath for 45-60 minutes. Amazingly, I could smell peppermint the entire time! One full hour of glorious aromatherapy!

And once I got out, I did feel a little better! Maybe less sore, maybe invigorated and rejuvenated. Maybe. To some extent.

The next day, I did have a feeling that I was less sore than if I had not taken the recovery bath. It’s impossible to say for sure, but I was only slightly sore, and I’m usually really sore in those situations!

The day after that, I went skiing again, and I was fresh enough to ski another two hours. I’ll take it!

Getting some sleep thanks to an epsom salt bath

It’s not uncommon to be stressed out and need to rest, yet you can’t get to sleep. It certainly happens to me.

That’s where Epsoak’s sleep formula came in handy! The lavender scent is so potent, you could probably just put the bag up to your nose, take a deep breath, and you’ll be relaxed in no time!

epsoak epsom salt sleep formula

It was not enough to make me want to take a bath, but if you like baths, THIS IS THE EPSOM SALT YOU NEED TO HAVE A RELAXING BATH.

When I finally gave in and took a bath, the scent was incredible. It filled not just the bathroom, but down the hall and into the bedroom too!

And then I slipped into the water, and I immediately felt relaxed! Surprisingly, I thought this was a better experience than the Muscle Soak.

Not surprisingly, the water cooled off before the scent began to dissipate!

This is a top-notch bath salt.

What it boils down to is that these are top-notch, top-quality bath salts.

There was no bath tub residue left over from either one.

The scent was powerful yet delightful.

The scent would not go away. (Putting these salts in a warm bath is almost like running a diffuser!)

Is it worth the price tag?


pouring epsoak salt into running bath water

This three-pack of Epsoak salts retails at $21.99. (It’s also on www.Amazon.com for only $16.99.)

That’s a little over $7 per bag at retail price. Each bag provides roughly two baths, so, let’s just say it will cost you $3.50 per soak (which could be anywhere from 20-60 minutes long).

Purely from an enjoyment standpoint, oh my yes! That’s totally worth it to treat yourself to such a luxurious bath (which should make you feel fully rested and refreshed, both physically and mentally).

And they’re no more expensive than fancy bath salts from a store like Lush Cosmetics.

Compared to run of the mill epsom salts from the drugstore… yeah, these ones from San Francisco Salt Company will cost you more. But I’d counter that with the idea that the cheap epsom salts aren’t even worth your time! They simply don’t provide the same scent or the same experience. You might find ones that smell nice in the bag, but the scent will disappear once you fill up the tub. You’re just wasting your time.

epsoak epsom salt instructions

I didn’t mention the original formula – I’m going to save that for making homemade foot scrubs.

You’d want that one if you’re sensitive to any of the added oils, or if you prefer to make your own concoctions (and blend your own essential oils).

My final verdict is…

Are the Epsoak bath salts a worthwhile part of your recovery week? Maybe. They did seem to help me, somewhat, but that’s subjective and hard to determine. I’m not really into taking baths, so I was sort of indifferent to the experience.

But even if you’re like me and don’t care for baths, grab some of these for your girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s Day! Or your mom for Mother’s Day!

Official website: www.SFSalt.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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