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new rules of lifting for abs cover

The New Rules of Lifting for Abs by Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler is one of the newer releases in the popular New Rules of Lifting series.

In this one, they’re targeting a very wide range of people – men and women who want a strong core and pain-free back.

Every athlete wants a strong core (whether they know it or not), and I can’t imagine anyone (athlete or coach potato) who isn’t looking for a pain-free back.

So, there’s a very good chance this book would interest you. The question is, is it the right book for your specific needs?

I’ll cover that and more in the following paragraphs…

The Authors – Two of The Finest Gentlemen in Fitness

Both of these guys are well-respected in the health and fitness industry. Alwyn Cosgrove is the owner of Results Fitness in California, which is easily one of the best gyms in the country; plus, he has personally coached many athletes of all levels. Lou Schuler has authored no fewer than five popular diet and strength training books, contributed countless magazine articles, and has been known to do the occasional TV appearance.

The Goal – Something That Truly Matters

As I mentioned previously, the goal of a strong core and a pain-free back is an important one. These things matter, not just for improved athletic performance, but for everyday life.

Sure, six pack abs are great, but they’re unnecessary. Achieving them can even be detrimental to your athletic performance (not to mention your general health). In this book, there is no mention of getting a six pack to look like a cover model (although, coincidentally, the cover model has a nice one).

new rules of lifting for abs cover

The Book – Fun and Organized

While this book didn’t suck me in quite like The 4-Hour Body did, it was still fun to read. I loved the no-hype, no-nonsense style. These guys aren’t selling you some fad diet – they’re presenting proven, worthwhile information in an entertaining manner.

Considering that the book is also full of exercise descriptions and photos (more than 150 black-and-white photographs,) it makes for a quick and easy read.

The exercise progressions are neatly organized from easy to very hard. For each movement, go through the list until you find one that is doable yet challenging, and start there.

It’s only lacking in video, a problem shared by… every book I’ve ever read.

The Workouts – Effective and Home Gym Friendly

The workouts are full-body workouts, generally 30-45 minutes long. (When you read the book, you’ll realize that properly working your core is a full-body endeavor.)

The book includes sample workout plans to get you started. Each contains details on the daily workout, then presents phases you can progress through (which obviously get more difficult.) There are different stages of the program, which is a neat progression.

This blank training log gives you an idea of how the workout is partitioned.

And it’s true, no crunches! The book does talk about crunches, but only to warn you of their dangers. (See the quotes on page 5 from Dr. Stuart McGill for more on this.)

You’re probably wondering, do you need any equipment?

Not really, at least at the start. It’s nice to have some basics like light dumbbells, of course, and a TRX suspension trainer would come in very handy for the advanced exercises, but you don’t need one yet (and you could make one yourself.)

What I would get are some Valslides or (the cheaper yet just as effective) furniture sliders.

The Ideal Reader – Not a Bodybuilder or Powerlifter

Let’s get this straight – this book is not for bodybuilders nor powerlifters. It’s not really about building muscle mass or strength gain. And it’s not a full-featured training plan for a competitive athlete.

On the flip side, it is great for off-season training for endurance athletes. Even better, are you an endurance athlete who has been plagued with overuse injuries and other problems? These workouts are GREAT for you!

The ideal reader here is someone looking for a killer introduction that actually makes sense of “core” training.

My final verdict is…

This is a good book for $12.24. The authors are smart, well-spoken, and entertaining, and the workout design is very similar to how I set up off-bike workouts for clients. It’s likely too simplistic for advanced athletes, but if you’re looking to expand your core training beyond the basics, get this book!

Official website: www.TheNewRulesOfLifting.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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