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waxman supersliders furniture sliders

I hate stupid fad fitness products sold on infomercials, but I love innovative equipment you can actually use. I also love homemade solutions to expensive equipment!

That’s how I found these Waxman SuperSliders. They look like simple household furniture movers (well, they are), until you realize they function just like Valslides!

waxman supersliders used instead of valslides

If you haven’t heard of Valslides, they are a little piece of exercise equipment designed by celebrity trainer Valerie Waters, supposed to help you sculpt your body no matter where you train. I became interested in them after reading about them in The New Rules of Lifting for Abs.

But I wasn’t going to spend $40 for two of these little sliding things. Luckily, I found these furniture sliders – they look similar and only cost $13 for four of them!

To be specific, I got the Waxman 9-1/2″ x 5-3/4″ Oval SuperSliders. Some other sliders were $10, but they were all smaller and round. I went with these because the oval shape is very, very similar to the Valslides. (Seriously, the only difference I could spot is that the Valslides are green and these are white!)

So what are you supposed to do with these things?

There are some good core and leg exercises you can do with these. During the exercise, what you do is put the slider underneath your hand or foot.

Compatible leg exercises include the reverse lunge, lateral lunge, split squat, and hamstring curl.

Core exercises include a modified ab roll-out, reverse ab roll-out (my personal favorite), push up flyes, and mountain climbers.

I’m sure there are more options, too!

waxman supersliders on floor

How well do the furniture sliders actually work?

Surprisingly, they work very well! These are way better than using paper plates to slide on, and much more durable, too. These work so well, I can’t imagine the Valslides work much better.

The Waxman SuperSliders slide very well on carpet, but they’re best on firm carpet. A shag carpet might not be the best choice!

Versions made for hardwood floors are also available, but I haven’t tried those.

Also, these are really big; I can easily put my hands and feet on them, or even my forearms. This is great.

my hand on supersliders

Overall Value

Not only can these replace $40 Valslides, they can also be used much like the $60 LifelifeUSA Power Wheel (that’s the one where you can use your hands or hook your feet in). So for $13, you can practically replace $100 worth of gear.

I can’t say no to that!

My final verdict is…

This is not a required piece of equipment by any means. But, these do work for the exercises I mentioned above, they’re fun, and they’re cheap. If you have any interest at all, buy a set.

And heck, you can always use them to move heavy furniture! We cyclists aren’t known for massive furniture lifting strength, after all!

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. Thanks for saving me some coin, Coach!

  2. only $9.99 if you get gray or black

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