We are well into the new year (and summer swimsuit season is fast approaching).

Are you totally sick of your diet yet? Sick of your juice cleanse?

Well then, I have the answer! It’s called The Taco Cleanse.

This succeeds where other cleanses fail. A little known factoid – which I wasn’t aware of until reading this book – is that a common point of failure during cleansing is lack of tacos. Who would have guessed? πŸ˜‰

OK, so yeah, this is humorous. But the tacos are very real!

The Taco Cleanse

the taco cleanse book cover

Where would you find such a thing?

You can find The Taco Cleanse at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and likely some other bookstores.

It’s obviously sold on www.Amazon.com. (List price is $17.95 but I’ve seen it for under $10 before!)

And no, it’s not a hoax! It’s a real book!

There’s even a Kindle version!

Plus, Jennifer Aniston bought a copy of the book! That’s a pretty good endorsement.

I saw some editorial praise and knew I had to try it for myself! Check out what these famous news outlets are reporting:

“Close your eyes. Now, imagine a world where a health cleanse means a steady stream of tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now open your eyes. That day is here.” – Today.com

“The Taco Cleanse is the only cleanse we want to try this year.” – Huffington Post

You’ll be laughing.

Without a doubt, there is a lot of humor surrounding this book. The whole book is littered with jokes, sarcasm, satire, and exaggeration!

Even the recipes themselves. It’s like the (already short) recipe is half humor, half instruction.

Some of the humor is a stretch, but some is laugh out loud hilarious.

There’s a section on taco yoga.

There’s a taco crossword puzzle.

Even just the descriptions of ingredients have a bit of humor in them, too.

And you’ll be cooking (it’s basically a taco cookbook).

This is a taco cookbook in the fullest sense of the word. You get to make every single part of the taco! You’ll make the tortilla itself, all the fillings, and any toppings.

They have recipes for all of it!

Even though the instructions might make you laugh out loud, the recipes are legit.

[Note: This is NOT The Taco Bell Diet. That’s one of those fads based on eating only at fast food restaurants. The Taco Cleanse is about eating homemade tacos.]

The authors even provide tips on how and where to find the best ingredients.

You’ll be eating.

I’ll admit, I often prefer burritos and wraps over tacos. They can be less messy, making them the ideal lunch at your desk.

But I sure did love tacos when I was younger! And tacos are fun! So, let’s eat tacos!

Here’s a sneak peek at what tacos you could make using the recipes in this book:

  • Tater Tot-cho Tacos
  • Energizing Dutch Waffle Tacos
  • Therapeutic Tempeh Picadillo Tacos
  • Beer Battered Portobellos Tacos
  • Infinite Fish Tacos
  • Frito Pie Tacos

Plus your choice of condiments and beverages to accompany them!

What’s up with the vegan recipes?

If you hadn’t realized it yet, you probably realized it from that list: this book is filled with vegan recipes.

Now, I’m not vegan. When I make tacos at home, I use ground beef. When I visit the PGH Taco Truck, I usually get chicken tacos.

But I do eat a mostly plant-based diet, and when cooking at home, find it much simpler to eat in a vegetarian manner. So this is ideal.

Plus, once you have a taco together, it’s not that big of a deal. I had eggplant and mushroom tacos before getting this book, and they were still great, so you might not even notice the lack of meat!

Face it: Vegetarian tacos are popular!

And they’re really good!

Even if you eat meat, you can (and will) still enjoy these recipes!

This book might not be for you, but don’t pass it by only because it’s vegan-friendly.

You’ll be saving money.

Even if you have to go out of your way to find funky ingredients, The Taco Cleanse is still going to be cheaper than just about any juice cleanse out there.

What’s up with juice cleanses anyway? It’s like $149 to not eat food for three days. What a joke!

In case you’re not familiar with juice cleanses, no, I’m not exaggerating the price.

Take “Jus by Julie” as an example (because you know it’s a trendy juice cleanse when juice is spelled J-U-S). A three-day cleanse is $150.

What does that get you?

“The blended drinks in this cleanse, each made with whole vegetables and fruits, are designed to evict the unwanted toxins from your body while fueling you with essential fiber, nutrients and vitamins.”

And you get 18 smoothies in this one (which means 6 per day for 3 days). Let’s say $8 per smoothie. That’s on par with the fancy local places for a juice or acai bowl or something similar. However, that’s craziness when you put it into taco terms!

You could get 6 tacos per day from Chipotle for around $15. A savings of $35 per day! Or cook at home and probably make 6 tacos per day for $8.

No matter how you slice fold it, homemade tacos will save you money!

Let’s make migas tacos!

I’m going to take you through the process of making “Mighty Migas” migas tacos (see page 95 for the recipe). This is a very popular taco, but outside of Austin, TX, you might not have heard of it.

It’s a breakfast taco! Traditionally it would consist of scrambled eggs, cheese, and vegetables. But we’re doing a vegan version, so how does that work?

Well, we have to swap out the eggs and cheese for tofu and nutritional yeast. That’s easy enough. Nutritional yeast is good to have on hand, and while I don’t particularly like tofu, it’s easy enough to find at any moderate-size grocery store.

Aside from that, you’re using common ingredients: onion, pepper, tomato, spices, tortillas, and tortilla chips.

To prep it, all you have to do is cut everything up, saute it, and then put it in the soft tortillas. Simple!

It’s a tasty, practical recipe! (And totally allowed on the Precision Nutrition diet.)

Can you subsist on vegetarian tacos?

You can probably go quite a while eating only these tacos – and be happy about it. You’re still getting a variety of food groups, even if each meal comes in taco form!

Unlike this food writer who ate exclusively tacos for 72 hours, I’m not going to force myself to follow this cleanse. I’m against cleanses, even if they are taco-based! πŸ˜€

But this book is excellent, and if you enjoyed my review, you’ll probably enjoy the book – so grab a copy for yourself at www.Amazon.com.

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