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Well the time has finally arrived! Today is the official launch of my new book, The Complete Guide to Off-Season Training for Cyclists.

The concept is similar to my free report, An Introduction to Off-Season Training for Cyclists, but it goes much deeper and reveals more secrets.

Here is a list of the main topics:

– Braving the cold weather and riding outside

– How to ride inside and still get a great workout

– Body-weight workouts you can do at home (with pictures)

– Great sports for cross-training

– Proper rest and recovery to prepare for another hard season

– And more!

It’s a 53 page guide, so there’s really too much to list here!

If you want to learn more and get a copy for yourself, the book is now for sale in our bookstore:

The Complete Guide to Off-Season Training for Cyclists

[Editor’s note: The book is being revised and will be republished in the future.]

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  1. Hey! Congratulations on the book launch!! Exciting stuff!!

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