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never a bad day book cover

There are typically two types of books I read. First are the educational ones I have to read to stay on top of things as a coach. These are more “studying” than reading. The other books are the ones I can relax and enjoy, and they have nothing to do with training or nutrition. (Maybe science fiction, but no science!)

Rarely do the two types intertwine.

In this case, though, we have a book that’s light-hearted, easy to digest, and fun to read, yet it can teach you many valuable lessons to improve your fitness and racing skills.

It’s titled: Never A Bad Day: A Collection of Columns From The Legendary Story Teller And Endurance Sports Icon

The ‘icon’ is Bob Babbitt.

That’s him right there on the cover. In costume.

Bob seems like my kind of guy!

The columns are ones he wrote for Competitor and Triathlete magazines.

So yeah, the book is a collection of stories that were previously published. If you’re familiar with Bob Babbitt, it’s nothing new.

Having grown up on magazines like Mountain Bike Action and BMX Plus, though, and considering Bob was racing the Ironman before I was born, this is actually my first encounter with his writing.

I read the intro and I was hooked!

The best part is, the book is low commitment. Since each story is only a few pages long (at most,) you can read one anytime you have a spare minute. You don’t need to set aside time to read.

You can also just flip around and read any story at any time. You don’t have to go in chronological order.

I think this would make for a nice coffee table book. It’s nice to have it sitting around, and then when the mood strikes, you can flip through and choose a random story.

For the more organized types, you can read straight through the book if you want. All the stories are grouped by theme; for example, chapter 3 is “Priceless Nuggets” and chapter 6 is “Inspiring.”

The goal in my mind was to create a fun book of stories. I’d call it a success.

I think if you read the stories and they put a smile on your face, that’s going to do some good. Maybe you read a story before bed each night, which puts you in a good mood, and you sleep better. Bam, healthier already!

But I have to ask, could this book provide important racing lessons or tips to improve your fitness?

YES! You get two types of training/racing benefits here:

  • Stories that motivate and inspire you, improving your mental toughness.
  • Real-life tips on racing and training you can put into action today.

Just check out “Why Not Drop Out?” on page 146 and “Tidbits to Live By” on page 48 and I think you’ll agree.

For just being a collection of stories, this is excellent. Some stories I liked more than others, but that’s to be expected.

I don’t know who else could pull this off. Maybe Susan Lacke. Her columns are excellent. But I’ve read plenty of these magazine editor intro columns and quickly get sick of them. Bob Babbitt is a rare exception.

My only complaint is that either the font is really, really small, or I’m getting old!

My final verdict is…

Though I was initially skeptical of a book that was simply a compilation of stories that already ran in magazines, I’ve really enjoyed this one, and it’s no stretch to say it has improved my life.

If you’re not familiar with Bob Babbitt, you might want to change that!

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